See Before and After Comparison Pictures of Goo Ha-ra’s Plastic Surgery

The Beautiful Goo Ha-ra

Plastic surgery is becoming more trendy these days in South Korea. Many believe that South Korea has the highest amount of their population undergoing surgery in pursuit of beauty. According to International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, five South Korean women have had work done.

The reason for this is that South Korea has such high beauty standards. They try to enhance their looks by plastic surgery, because it’s linked to increasing their chances for success in the society. There’s a lot of peer pressure to look perfect. When you just enter the subway in certain areas of Seoul, you can see several flashy advertisements for surgery clinics. Yet, it is often taboo to discuss, or even to admit if you have had plastic surgery, especially for famous celebrities.

Nevertheless, former KARA member, Goo Ha-ra, is one of few female celebrities who have openly admitted to getting cosmetic surgery. For a long time, she has been showcasing her perfect doll-like features, but it turns out a lot more work had been put into achieving this doll-like look.

Back in 2010, on the January 5th broadcast of SBS’s Strong Heart show, she confessed, “This is the truth that I’m going to reveal for the first time. There is no female idol singers who will reveal such a thing. To say the truth if you are a female celebrity, you want to be called as beautiful by others. That was what I felt when I was young and I just made myself a little prettier.”

When asked if she had undergone plastic surgery, she played coy and answered, “I will not say that I did not get plastic surgery.”

Then she continued, “About double eyelids, I really did have them since I was young. However, the president of my management agency said my eyes looked dull in photos and hence my eyelids slightly fixed to make them more defined once.”

“The president of my management agency also said, ‘There is no need for the nose to be higher, we shall just go for one jab shot’,” she explained, “I only received one shot for my nose, injectable fillers, and I simply had braces for my teeth and fixed it.”

When she appeared on KBS2’s “Happy Together 3” show on June 11, 2015, she explained how she maintained her beauty, with confidence, “I do procedures like laser or botox, little by little. Before “Cupid” comeback, I got a intramuscular injection,” and she showed that she had it done on both sides of her jaw. She also said that she diligently went to the dermatologist, and even did a lifting.

You can clearly see the changes when you compare between Goo Hara’s pre-debut photos and more recent photos. She did enhanced the whole “eyes, nose, mouth”, making it look like she got a new face. First of all, let us look at the key changes in Goo Hara, as we observe Goo Hara’s pre-debut moments, changing into the beauty she is today.