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Goo Hara and Her Hair Designer Boyfriend’s Assault Case

goo hara choi jong bum

Another malicious rumor spread with ill-intent has become linked with Goo Hara. According to reports on September 13 2018, a new post online claimed that a famous singer born in 1991 was charged with assaulting an ex-boyfriend after the man tried to break up with her, reporting in for police investigation. The news quickly became linked to Hara, catching the attention of the media.

Back on September 5 2018, Hara was involved in “jjirashi” (malicious rumor spread with ill-intent) rumors claiming that she had tried to commit suicide, which turned out to be a simple visit to a hospital for indigestion and sleep trouble. Hara’s agency stated, “She has a sleeping disorder, so she was treated at a hospital. What’s being said in the tabloids and reports are not true,” adding, “There’s no issues with Hara’s health. She’s currently receiving treatment at a hospital.”

According to reports on September 13 2018, police recently did in fact receive a call from a hair designer Choi Jung-bum at approximately 12:30 AM KST on this same day. Choi Jong-bum is allegedly Hara’s ex-boyfriend, and on this day, he asked Hara to break up their relationship. A quarrel is expected to have assumed, leading to a violent scene. However, no weapons were involved, and the violence consisted of scratching and arm-twisting, reports stated.

Dispatch confirmed the cause of the fight with messages exchanged between Goo Hara and Choi Jung-bum messages between Choi Jong-bum and Goo Hara’s housemate “B” and the phone call between Choi Jong-bum and Goo Hara’s manager.

On September 10 2018, Goo Hara ate lunch with her manager and “A” a man who works in the industry. However, she told her boyfriend that she was only eating with her manager. Through a phone call with her manager, her boyfriend found out that “A” was also present at lunch and got angry at Goo Hara for lying. Goo Hara went to the hair salon that Choi Jong-bum works at on September 12 to explain herself, but he told her to just go home.

When asked why she lied about “A” being present, Goo Hara explained, “He usually treats me well and is friendly. However, we fight whenever other men are brought up. He scarily changes if a close acquaintance or older friend contacts me. He says things that are hard to bear. I didn’t want to fight [over something like that], so I didn’t tell him when there was a gathering with other men. It was the same that day. I didn’t want to cause trouble.”

goo hara choi jungbum

Dispatch interviewed Goo Hara and her housemate “B” for their sides of the story on the incident that took place on September 13.

At 12:30 a.m., Choi Jong-bum walked into their home while drunk, and Goo Hara was sleeping in “B”s room. “B” shared, “Unnie (Goo Hara) asked to sleep in the room together that day. I woke up at the sound of the door opening. Choi Jong-bum came into my room, and I pretended to be asleep. He said, ‘Are you able to sleep in a situation like this?’ and kicked Unnie. He sounded drunk.”

Goo Hara and her boyfriend walked out of the room and closed the door. They began arguing. According to Goo Hara, “He cursed and pushed me, and I pushed him back. The fight got physical as I said, ‘Who are you to push me and curse at me like that?’ He grabbed my hair and pulled me. He pushed me with a whiteboard and threw the air purifier. I also scratched him in that process. We fought severely to the point that my body was bruised.” She revealed the photos of her bruises through Dispatch.

According to reports on September 14, Hara was in the hospital to received treatment for the injuries she sustained during her physical altercation with her ex-boyfriend on the 13th. This is said to be why her label was unable to contact the former KARA’s member for 2 days.

It’s also been reported Hara has moved her place of residence after the incident. KBS’ ‘Entertainment Relay’ spoke to a security guard at Hara’s former villa, and he stated, “I don’t know if the police took the two involved, but it’s true police officers came by. She also moved right away on the 13th at 7:30PM KST.”

On September 19, shortly after Hara released a personal statement in light of attending her police questioning, SBS funE released new CCTV footage of Hara and ex-boyfriend, who were captured on the elevator in Hara’s former residence directly after their altercation and call for police. Previously, CCTV footage of the polisce entering the same elevator and heading toward Hara’s residence surfaced via media outlets. It was reported that the new CCTV footage in the elevator took place on September 13, after police pulled out from Hara’s residence. Watch the footage below!

Hara offered to come to a fair settlement, however, her ex-boyfriend Choi Jong-bum rejected it. According to Chosun Ilbo’s exclusive report on September 21, Hara’s side requested to end the ongoing controversy by coming to a settlement. An insider from Choi’s side stated, “Hara’s legal representative delivered their wish to come to a settlement a total of 3 times.”. Choi Jong-bum’s legal representative, Kwak Jun-ho, confirmed the report to be true, stating, “It’s true we have received an offer for a settlement from Hara’s legal representative.” However, “We have nothing much to say as there are no changes in our client’s stance.”

On October 22, an arrest warrant has been requested for Choi Jong-bum. He was accused of assaulting and threatening Hara with private videos. On October 2, the police searched his home and obtained his electronic devices for digital forensics. On the 17th, both Hara and Choi Jong-bum attended police questioning.

And the latest news of their case is Hara and her ex-boyfriend have both been indicted by the police as a result of their complete investigation. Choi Jong-bum has been indicted of criminal charges including physical assault, threatening and bribery, forced coercion, property damage, and violation of sexual harassment laws; the investigation newly revealed information that Choi Jong-bum took secret photos of Hara without permission and also broke Hara’s door during a separate argument, a month before their breakup. On the other hand, Hara has been indicted of physical assault for causing her ex-Boyfriend bodily harm.

Hara Says She’s Sick and Tired In New Instagram Post

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..힘들고 아파

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On November 9, Hara shared a photo with the words, “Crying Room.” In the caption, she added, “..Sick and tired.”. There were a lot of positive comments from her followers to cheer her up. Her recently assault case with her boyfriend must be ‘hit’ her down.

So, let’s pray and keep supporting Goo Hara!