Goo Ha-ra’s Profile: Age, Boyfriend, and Plastic Surgeries

goo hara

The Pretty Baby Doll Goo Hara.

Goo Hara, known as Hara, is a South Korean actress and singer. She is a former member of the girl group KARA which disbanded on January 14, 2016, under DSP Entertainment. With her wide rounded eyes, little nose, and plump lips, Hara is the ideal type of many idol boy group members, including Highlight’s Junhyung who was her ex-boyfriend. Let’s get to know more about KARA’s sexy main dancer.

Hara’s Profile

goo hara

Birth Name: Goo Ha Ra (구하라/具荷拉)

Stage Name: Hara (하라)

Nicknames: Koala, Gura, Honey Hara, Mermaid Princess, Forehead, Goosain Bolt, Hara Goo

Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Face of the Group

Birthday: January 13, 1991

Birthplace: Gwangju, South Korea

Nationality: Korean

Education: Dongmyeong Woman’s High School of Industry and Information, currently attending Sungshin Woman’s University (majoring in media/film acting)

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Blood Type: B

Height: 164 cm (5’5″)

Hobbies: Dancing, Modeling

Weight: 43 kg (94 lbs)

Languages: Korean, Japanese

Siblings: Older Brother Hoin

Instagram: @kxxhara

Twitter: @_sweethara

Hobbies: Watching scary movies, sleeping, eating, watching J-Dramas (ex: Hana Yori Dango), dancing, traveling

Favorite Color: Pink

Pets: Pangie and Ang (puppies)

Skills/Talents: MC/host, acting, modeling, gag idol, running, Japanese, singing, dancing

Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend

hara junhyung

On June 28th, 2011, Dispatch revealed some pictures of Goo Hara (still a member of KARA) dating Yong Junhyung (at that time, his group was still titled Beast).

These photos were taken in the early morning of June 9th. After hanging out in a Gangnam cafe, both drove around Gangnam and then parked at Junhyung’s home. Then, Hara and Junhyung walked around the neighborhood and the park for an hour, settling at Sky Park in Sangam-dong.

Cube Entertainment which was over Junhyung at that time released a statement about them, “They had a senior/ junior relationship until they began dating. They’ve been dating for about a month now…”

DSP Entertainment which was Hara’s agency at that time released a statement as well, “They do have good feelings towards one another, but they’re still getting to know each other. It’s only been a month so far. Please watch over them for a bit more.”

On March 27th, 2013, news spread about the two breaking apart. The news started when their fans realized that both of them unfollowed the other’s personal Twitter account.

Through a phone call, DSP Media spoke up, “Due to their busy schedules and KARA’s stay in Japan for their promotions, their meetings have become scarce, and eventually they drifted apart… They decided to remain as good friends in the music industry.”

Cube Entertainment released a similar statement, “Junhyung and Hara have recently ended their relationship… The two will continue to remain good friends.”

Hara’s Plastic Surgery

goo hara

Hara is a really straightforward person. She says whatever she thinks. That is why others sometimes judge her as being arrogant. Referring to plastic surgery, on January 5, 2010, on a broadcasting of the SBS reality show Strong Heart, Hara admitted to receiving dental and minor facial cosmetic surgery. She stated that she had always had double eyelids but had surgery to make her eyes more defined and looked rounded. Let’s take a look at Hara’s before-and-after images below.

goo hara

Does she look better or worse?

goo hara

Here is a comparison between less makeup and bold makeup.

goo hara

This is the most shocking pre-debut photo of Hara.

goo hara

Does the past image and recent image look really different or similar?

goo hara

This picture shows that Hara did have a nose job as well to make her nose tip look better.

goo hara

Another pre-debut image of Goo Hara and an image from when she was still in KARA.

goo hara

Despite her surgery, Hara is also known for her fair skin and pretty body posture. So, she deserves some recognition for being pretty on her own.

goo hara

Hara’s Trivial Facts


– Her favorite dishes are Korean dishes, especially kimchi jjigae, rice, and meat
– Her best friend is Girls’ Generation’s Jessica
– If Hara had not become a singer, she would have wanted to be a flight attendant. However, Hara was not tall enough to be a flight attendant so she gave up on it.
– Hara has 4 close aunts, 10 younger cousins, and other older cousins.
– She always keeps a letter from her favorite aunt in her wallet because it gives her strength.
– Hara gets stomachaches very often. Jiyoung said that while eating, Hara often turns to her saying “Jiyoung-ah, unnie’s stomach is hurting so bad”.
– In 2016, she joined KeyEast Entertainment
– Hara’s ideal type: “I don’t exactly have an ideal type. As long as they love me, it’s good.”