Breaking News: Goo Ha-ra Has Passed Away In Her Home

Goo Ha-ra’s Latest News

Reporting from Soompi, Goo Ha-ra’s agency issued a statement that they will make details of her resting place public for fans to pay their respects to Goo Ha-ra. They said, “Hello. We apologize for causing confusion to many domestic and overseas fans who were planning to pay their respects after we changed the last date of visits from November 27th, at midnight to November 26th at midnight. We are announcing the details of her final resting place for those who are coming from abroad to pay their respects to the deceased and those who were not able to pay their respects yet. Final resting place: Bundang Sky Castle Memorial Park. We thank everyone for mourning and commemorating her after the unfortunate news. May she rest in peace.”

In addition, one of the reporters, Kang Kyung-yoon, said that Goo Ha-ra helped him in revealing Jung Joon-young’s chatroom case. Reporting from Soompi, Kang Kyung Yoon began, “The day after the unfortunate news about Sulli, I contacted Goo Ha-ra. I told her, ‘Be strong, and don’t make the wrong choice. Let’s work hard and live on until the end,’ but this happened. It’s very unfortunate.”

She continued, “Goo Hara had her case with her ex-boyfriend, and many people on the portal sites thoughtlessly inflicted secondary damage on Goo Ha-ra by talking about how she had a video of her private life and how that’s fatal for a female celebrity. Choi Jong Bum received a suspended sentence in his first trial. This means he was guilty, but the malicious comments about Goo Ha-ra didn’t subside even after that. Goo Ha-ra was also very frustrated after that happened. She had a hard time about the fact that she was acquitted of the charge of filming her without permission.”

The reporter revealed that she had become acquainted with Goo Ha-ra after the singer offered to help her uncover the truth behind Jung Joon-young’s chatroom case. Kang Kyung-yoon stated, “I reported on the Jung Joon-young chatroom case, and Goo Ha-ra personally gave me a call afterward. She’s also a victim of a similar case, so she told me, ‘I had to contact you after seeing the article. I don’t know how I can help, but I would like to help you.’ She appeared to be wanting to actively work her way through the situation.”

Kang Kyung-yoon continued, “Because Goo Ha-ra is a female celebrity and because she was attending court trials as the victim of illegal filming by her ex-boyfriend, she courageously asked around for my contact details and contacted me first. She said she wanted to help in any way she could uncover the truth behind the case, and she actually provided lots of help.”

Let’s pray for Goo Ha-ra and keep spreading love to each other! Rest In Peace, Goo Ha-ra.