Still Looking Good At His 40, Get Inspired by Gong Yoo’s Style!

The Cool Ahjussi

Who doesn’t know the handsome Goblin Ahjussi? Yep, Gong Yoo has made his worldwide impact with his appearance in the drama Goblin and Train to Busan. We are all aware that his good looks and acting are not the only things that are fascinating, but also his incredibly expensive taste in fashion is irresistible. Let’s take a peek at his looks!

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Paris Fashion Week 2019

The Paris Fashion Week was held from June 18th to 23rd, 2019. Top artists from all over the world performed at this prestigious fashion event, including top Korean actors such as Lee Min Ho, Kim Jae Wook, and Gong Yoo. Gong Yoo attended the Louis Vuitton Spring 2020 men fashion show at Place Dauphine on June 20th. This was Gong Yoo’s second appearance at the Louis Vuitton fashion show. His acquaintance, actor Song Mino, also appeared as a runway model, for the first time, in the fashion show.

At the event, the Goblin star appeared wearing all-black outfits from Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2019 collection. Gong Yoo combined a knee-length black shirt and a black coat. He also wore trousers that covered part of the shoes he was wearing.

At the event, Gong Yoo took time to meet with Louis Vuitton’s artistic director, Virgil Abloh.


Get Inspired by Gong Yoo’s Style!

Outfits that are worn by Gong Yoo, no matter how old or casual they are, they will look like high-quality fashion. In addition, no one can deny his ability to look harmonious in almost every suit he wears, very much worthy of his reputation as a former model. Even if the times have changed, his glowing appearance hasn’t lost his ever-present charms.


Airport Fashion

Wearing casual clothes of all black with a little touch of white on the shoes, he traveled to Paris, France, on May 12th, 2016, to attend the 69th Cannes Film Festival.

Spotted on his arrival at Incheon Korea airport, Gong Yoo looks charming despite being dressed in a simple style with a plain white shirt combined with denim jeans. Airport fashion is certainly not complete without glasses, he also wears a pair of sunglasses from GENTLE MONSTER which were sold at a price of around $249 US. For those who aren’t aware, this handsome Ahjussi also chose to wear pink sneakers VANS Authentic Sepia Rose to add some playful touch.


Casual Style

The High Cut magazine released its 191st volume featuring Gong Yoo. In the magazine, he looks quite handsome wearing casual and comfortable clothes. He showed off a fresh look that is perfect for the end of winter. Check out the clip of the High Cut photoshoot!


Boyfriend Look

Gong Yoo also has the capability to portray the boyfriend that everyone wants but remains unattainable. Don’t believe it? Then let’s start scrolling down, shall we?

BAM! Daydreaming time is over, yorobun.


Red Carpet

Spotted at the VIP Premiere Event of The Age of Shadows in Seoul, Korea on August 31st, 2016, Gong Yoo was wearing a casual yet elegant outfit to attend the event. He sure knows how to make a plain black shirt look so expensive!


Famous Coat from Goblin

In the drama, the Goblin Ahjussi always looks stylish. He often wears a super cool oversized coat which turns out to be a high-end product. For example, Givenchy, Burberry, and Tom Ford. The Goblin may not know how to use a smartphone, but he sure knows how to dress!

One of the most popular outfits is the 2016 fall-winter collection coat from Lanvin Paris. The price of the coat worn by the goblin in the 3rd episode reached 4 million won and has been sold a lot. He also wore this seemingly ordinary plaid coat from BURBERRY. This Double-Breasted Check Wool Cashmere Coat costs $4,695. Whoa…

In episode 7, he continued wearing expensive coats, now it’s one from ACNE STUDIOS Carl Camel Beige that costs about $1,158. Hmmm, at least it’s cheaper than the previous one. Well, you can catch more preferences for your style in the entire episode!


Gong Yoo’s Latest News

Gong Yoo has turned 40 years old this year on July 10th. Even aged 40, this man who often gets called Ahjussi seems not to age. He continues keeping his charm like a prince. His face is also still often used as the face of South Korea expanding its culture and entertainment industry throughout the world. Carving out a career since 2001, Gong Yoo has grown into a role model and is loved by many fans for his dedication in the entertainment industry. During the 18 years of his career, the main character of Goblin has never tripped any scandal. Who doesn’t love him, right?

Recently, on October 4th, Gong Yoo appeared in Entertainment Weekly for an interview about his upcoming film Kim Ji Young, Born in ’82. He also had an interview with Jung Yu Mi. It was reported that Gong Yoo cried while reading the scenario for the film and ended up calling his mother. He then responded to this news by saying, “That was a bit distorted. I wasn’t crying while reading. I’m not sure what the reason was, but I think I got a bit emotional. The first thing I thought was my family. I don’t usually call them, but I suddenly did. I was feeling grateful for how they raised me well.”

This will be Gong Yoo and Jung Yu Mi’s third time appearing in the same work together, following the 2011 film Silenced and the 2016 film Train to Busan.

Besides his upcoming project, what is Ahjussi up to? Apparently, our Gong Yoo doesn’t do social media. During a press conference prior to his Taiwan fan meeting back in 2017, the actor was asked why he doesn’t do social media. Gong Yoo then shared his thoughts regarding the reasons, he answered, “First of all, I don’t like taking selcas (selfies). When I go somewhere, I prefer capturing the moment with my eyes rather than taking photos. Why I personally don’t like social media is because you’re intending to show photos to others and that is the most likely to make you create things. The act of showing a created photo and not portraying as it is… is a little uncomfortable for me.” Well… gwenchana, Ahjusshi!


That’s all about our Gong Yoo’s fashion to his most recent news. Good luck with the new movie, Ahjussi, waiting! Do you feel inspired by his sense of fashion? If the answer is yes, let’s comment in the box below!