Find Out More About Gong Yoo the ‘Slapping Guy’ in ‘Squid Game’!

gong yo in squid game

Let’s Find Out More About Gong Yoo from Squid Game

We already know who actor Gong Yoo is. He is a senior actor who already started his career in 2001 and he is known for his role in many hit dramas such as Coffee Prince, Train to Busan, and many more. However, in 2021 he became known as the “slapping guy” in the Netflix series Squid Game. So many people are getting curious about his role and how important he is in the series.

Gong Yoo only appears in two episodes, episode 1 and 9. His character, known as “slapping guy” remains mystery even until the last episode of Squid Game. People assume that his character may return in the season 2. Even as a cameo, Gong Yoo got paid for $65 thousand per episode!

Then, regarding that case, Channel-Korea will tell you everything about Gong Yoo’s appearance in Squid Game including his role, character, and salary. So, stay tuned!

Actor Gong Yoo’s Role in Squid Game As The Mysterious ‘Slapping Guy’

In Squid Game, Gong Yoo played a cameo called The Recruiter (salesman) who is also widely known as The Slapping Guy. Gong Yoo’s character only appears in a glimpse. Even though he’s only a cameo, his role is also as important as the main actors.

If you have watched the series, you’re surely wondering about the role that he played and the connection with the story line.

The director (Hwang Dong-hyuk) of this series opened up about Gong Yoo’s character. He said that Gong Yoo’s character is the right hand of Oh Il-nam. He is in charge of recruiting new participants by seeing their background as a person enticing those who are desperate and need money.

Fan Theory About Gong Yoo’s Scene in Squid Game

Although Gong Yoo only appeared in two episodes (1 and 9), every viewer already has their own theories. People agree that this salesman is a former staff (soldier) member of Squid Game and then he can work outside the game by recruiting people.

In the first episode, Gong Yoo meets Seong Gi-hun at the subway station and challenges him to play ddakji (a traditional game). However, Seong Gi-hun always loses to the salesman and he gets slapped many times. This scene went viral and made Gong Yoo iconic until he got called the “slapping guy”.

His role is very mysterious, until the ending episode, Gong Yoo appeared as the salesman and did the same thing as before when he met Gi-hun. So, here’s the video of this slapping guy!

Gong Yoo Got Paid $65K Per Episode in Squid Game

For his acting as a cameo in Squid Game, Gong Yoo got paid $65 thousand per episode. That’s because Gong Yoo is a A-list Korean actor and his popularity has been known by many people almost around the world.

In 2017, Gong Yoo had a total net worth of $2 million after successfully appearing in Goblin and he also entered the highest-paid actors list. After Squid Game, Gong Yoo’s net worth is around $7 million.

Will Gong Yoo Appear in Squid Game 2?

Apart from waiting for the season 2 of Squid Game, audiences are also curious about Gong Yoo; is he going to appear again this season or not.

Regarding this question, Gong Yoo admits that he still doesn’t know for sure. However, he still keeps in touch with the director and maybe there’s a possibility for him to join Season 2.

So, that’s all the information regarding his appearance in Squid Game, ranging from his role, to scenes, to the possibility of him playing in Squid Game 2. After reading this article, please kindly drop a line with your thoughts in the comment section about this salesman.

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