Profile of 5urprise’s Gong Myung, and What He Said About His Brother


Surprise from Gong Myung of 5uprise

The name Gong Myung is famous, as he debuted with 5urprise in 2013 under Fantagio Entertainment. He also has a younger brother who has the same job as him as a singer, NCT U’s Doyoung is his younger brother who is under SM Entertainment.

On a Korean variety shows, Gong Myung talked about his young brother and his popularity in the Korean entertainment world. Gong Myung’s talent at singing and acting is worthy of praise, Gong Myung is also increasingly known publicly as he participated in Korea’s survival show program, Law of the Jungle in Manado City. Read more, let’s look at the profile of Gong Myung.

Profile of 5urprise’s Gong Myung

gong myung

Real Name : Kim Donghyun

Stage Name : Gong Myung

Date of Birth : May 26, 1994

Age : 23 years old

Position : Vocalist

Blood Type : A

Religion : N/A

Height : 183 cm

Weight : 63 kg

Zodiac : Gemini

Hobby : Watching movies or dramas

Instagram : @0myung_0526

5urprise Member Gong Myung’s Brother

As we know, Doyoung from NCT U is the younger brother of Gong Myung. Little is known about the family relationship between Doyoung and Gong Myung due to their limited proximity, Doyoung being under SM Entertainment and Gong Myung under Fantagio Entertainment. Many idols brother or sister are in different agencies, but even though they are both hindered by different agencies, they are always supporting each other.


At the High Cut shoot, Gong Myung once talked about Doyoung, and about his married life in We Got Married and his group 5urprise.

When asked about his young brother, he said, “I watched his debut stage and also monitored for him.”

Then when asked if he was enjoying his married life in We Got Married, he said “I’m enjoying a newlywed life with Jung Hye Sung thanks to ‘We Got Married’ I think the various situations and feelings big help in my romance acting.”

About living with his fellow 5urprise members, he shared, “The hyungs come into my mind whenever I eat or lie in bed.”


When asked if he’d given Doyoung any advice on being in the entertainment industry, the actor answered, “He’ll do a good job on his own. I want to become a hyung who can be respectful to my dongsaeng, and in the future, I want both of us to be successful enough to where people wonder, ‘How can there be siblings like them?'”

Finally, Gong Myung relayed, “Doyoung sang really well since he was young. He’d receive awards for singing, but when we were younger, I was so focused on sports that I didn’t give it much thought. But because I debuted first, I think it egged Doyoung on a little. We’re cheering each other on. Please look at us fondly.”

Gong Myung and Doyoung’s Relationship

doyoung gomyung

Gong Myung hosted the Lying Down show on January 22nd. Through Naver’s V Live he and his younger brother, Doyoung talk about what family importance is for both of them. Gong Myung jokes that many Doyoung fans now call Gong Myung a term that means “brother of one’s husband,” and Doyoung replied that there is a love for him “asmarried siblings of someone’s husband” while talking to him as well.

“The theme for today’s show is family,” Gong Myung asked Doyoung, “What does family mean to you?”

“Why do you always talk about family?” replied Doyoung with a laugh. “It’s too sad.” Gong Myung said that he had seen Doyoung cry recently, which might be a reference to when Doyoung cried while talking about his family after receiving a New Artist of the Year Award with NCT 127 at the 31st Golden Disc Awards recently.

“To be honest, my family is something I’m grateful for,” Doyoung said. “I’m sure it’s the same with any family, but still, it’s very sad.” Doyoung sounded like he was tearing up, and Gong Myung teased him nicely when Doyoung asked, “Why am I like this? Why do I always do this every time the topic is mom and father comes up? “

Gong Myung looked surprised, and asked his younger brother if he was crying. “No, no,” Doyoung replied, though it was clear from his voice that he was very emotional. “It’s just that when I was young, I was very immature, and doing what I wanted to do, I realize now that I’m getting older so you and our parents are always trying to understand me. Lately, just thinking about it makes me feel very sorry and grateful. “

In the end, Gong Myung cries first. “Doyoung,” he said to his brother after wiping his tears. “Let’s hang up, this is not working!”

Doyoung laughed and said, “We are always like this.” While Gong Myung tries to recover, Doyoung teases him for keeping silent in his show for so long, before Gong Myung tries to thank him. After they agreed that Gong Myung would play the NCT 127 Limitless show on the show, Doyoung sent a message to enthusiast Gong Myung.

Gong Myung also talked about how proud he was of Doyoung’s achievements during his career with NCT U. Initially Gong Myung was very careful about their relationship as brothers, but eventually the articles began to circulate and said that they have a good relationship.

“At first, I was more cautious, but after the article began to circulate, many fans found that we are brothers.”

“I’m the eldest son, but my younger brother is more reliable.  From a young age, he knew exactly what he wanted to do, so starting in high school he would go to auditions after hakwon and get into the agency,” he said.

“Before he made his debut, there was a SM Rookies concert, and I also secretly saw him as well. Seeing his debut made me very proud,” he continued. However, due to their tight schedule and life situation, Gong Myung does not often see his family. “My younger brother lives in the dorm and so do I, so my parents do not often see us but more people recognize me now through the ‘Entertainer’, and my brother has also debuted and was watching a musical, so I think they like it very much. “

List of Gong Myung’s Dramas

After School: Lucky or Not – 2013

lucky or not

This drama is the first drama starring Gong Myung with his group, 5urprise. After School: Lucky or Not was written and directed by Jung Jung Hwa with 12 episodes and aired by NATE, Btv, T-store, and Hoppin.

This drama tells of Kim So-eun, a shy high school student, with her ever-so-casual life being invited to the club’s Drawing school, then she experiences an event she never expected before she was appointed club leader. She has a mission to build strong friendships and have a love affair with five male members.

Public began to acknowledge the acting talent of Gong Myung and his group.

Entertainer – 2013


In this drama Gong Myung only plays a supporting role, he plays a member of the band along with Teen Top’s L.Joe. Gong Myung plays as Kayle. The Entertainer drama was written by Yoo Young-a and directed by Hong Sung-chang with 18 episodes aired by SBS.

The entertainer tells about a man named Shin Suk-ho played by Ji Sung who works for the biggest entertainment company as a director, but Suk-ho is now the CEO of a new and small entertainment company. Meanwhile he gathered some people to form a band. Although many incidents, Shin Suk-ho eventually became a manager, and was successful.

The Bride of Water God – 2017

bride of water

2017 was the year for Gong Myung’s acting to shine. In the year 2017 yesterday, Gong Myung starred in three dramas, one of them being The Bride of Water God. The drama written by Yoon Mi-kyung and directed by Kim Byung-Soo has 16 episodes that aired on tvN. Gong Myung plays Bi Ryum, a water god.

The Bride of Water God tells about villagers suffering from an ongoing drought. Ha Baek’s water god, played by Nam Joo-hyuk, can rain down if a young woman is sacrificed to him as the bride. For the sake of the villagers, So-A played by Shin Se-kyung, finally decides to become his wife and sacrifices herself to Ha Baek. She finally meets up with Ha Baek, but he’s very different from what she imagined.

The Happy Loner – 2017

the happy loner

The drama was written by Kwon Hye-ji and directed by Park Hyun-suk has a total of two episodes, this is the shortest drama ever starring Gong Myung. Gong Myung plays the role of Park Byuk-soo.

The drama tells of thorough individualist Ji-young, played by Min Hyo-rin, who avoids contact with others, and meets Byuk-soo, who can not live without having a relationship.

Revolutionary Love – 2017

Revolutionary Love

Revolutionary Love is one of the most watched dramas of 2017. The drama stars Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and actress Kang So-Ra. Revolutionary Love written by Joo Hyun and directed by Song Hyun-wook has a total of 16 episodes and is aired by tvN. Gong Myung plays the role of Kwon Je-hoon who is the son of Byun Hyuk’s personal driver

This drama tells the story of a man named Byun Hyuk, played by Choi Si-won, who is a child from a wealthy family who runs a big company. He leads a life of no purpose. He meets a nice lady who is naive, with a warm heart.

Finally, Byun Hyuk starts living in a studio in a poor area, and even hides the fact that he is from a wealthy family. On the other hand, there is a woman named Baek Joon, played by Kang So-Ra, living in the same house. Baek-joon currently works part-time to meet her needs.

Baek Joon graduated from a good university, but it was difficult to get a job in a company and she finally decided to work part-time. She is positive and full of justice, but her life changes when she meets Byun Hyuk.