Full Profile of Gong Hyung-jin, and Facts

gong hyungjin

Gong Hyung-jin, the Korean Actor

Starting his carer in showbiz in 1990, Gong Hyung-jin has acted as many kinds of characters, both in supporting and lead roles, for his television dramas, movies, and theater shows. Not only taking part in cinema, Gong Hyung-jin also showcases his skill in hosting variety shows and radio shows. Awarded as Best Supporting Actor on the 3rd Busan Film Critics Awards in 2002 and Best Supporting Actor on SBS Drama Awards in 2006, it is necessary to say that Gong Hyung-jin never ceases to put effort into his projects. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you all about Gong Hyung-jin, which includes his full profile and his projects in films, dramas, theater shows, and variety shows. So, stay tuned!

Gong Hyung-jin’s Full Profile

gong hyungjin

Real Name: Gong Hyung Jin

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, 10 April 1970

Age: 49 (Korean age) / 48 (International age)

Occupation: Actor, Television host, Radio DJ

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Chinese Astrology: Dog

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Education: Chung Ang University, majoring in Department of Theater and Film

Talent agency: SM C&C

Gong Hyung-jin’s List of TV Shows and Movies

gong hyungjin

As was affirmed in the beginning of this article, Gong Hyung-jin is considered a multi-entertainer in the entertainment industry not only because of his acting acting, but also because of his ability to host broadcast programs, be it on television or the radio. As an actor, Gong Hyung-jin’s name may not be as well known to the international fans, but truth to be told, he is also the main character of some of his movie projects. Thus, in this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of television series, films, and theater shows that Gong Hyung-jin has starred and guest starred in.

1990 – Well, Let’s Look at the Sky Sometimes (Supporting Role as Ki Dong)

1991 – Life Isn’t a Multiple Choice Test

1991 – SBS Queen

1992 – I Want to Live Just Until 20 Years Old (as Supporting Role)

1993 – Goodbye Seoul Shinpa

1994 – Love in the Rain / Singing In The Rain (Supporting Role as Casanova)

1999 – A Growing Business (Supporting Role as Kim Soon-kyeong)

2000 – Peppermint Candy (Supporting Role as Detective Song)

2000 – The Legend of Gingko (Supporting Role as Warrior Seong-kwan)

2000 – Why Do I Want to Be a Boxing Referee? (short film)

2001 – Last Present (Supporting Role as Cheol-su)

2001 – MBC Lovers

2001 – Failan (Supporting Role as Kyung-soo)

2001 – Out of Justice

2002 – My Beautiful Girl, Mari (Supporting Role as Jun-ho)

2002 – Oh! Lala Sisters

2002 – Over the Rainbow (Cameo as Kim Young-min)

2002 – Surprise Party (Cameo as Doo-hyung)

2002 – A Perfect Match (Supporting Role as Jeong Jun)

2002 – Wet Dreams (Cameo as Min-soo)

2003 – Blue (Supporting Role as Sergeant Park Sun-il)

2003 – Star (Cameo as Jin-soo)

2003 – Love Impossible (Supporting Role as Kang In-pyeong)

2003 – Oh! Brothers (Cameo as Hyung-jin, the Man in Beginning Having an Affair)

2003 – The Greatest Expectation (Cameo as Yong-sik)

2003 – My Daddy (short film)

2003 – North Korean Guys (Main Role as Im Dong-hae)

2004 – Taegukgi (Supporting Role as Yong-man)

2004 – SBS You’re Not Alone (Main Role as Gong Hyung-jin)

2004 – Liar (Supporting Role as No Sang-gu)

2004 – Everybody Has Secrets (Cameo as Waiter)

2004-2005 – SBS X-Man (as Regular Member)

2005 – Marrying the Mafia II (Supporting Role as Bong Myung-pil)

2005 – Mr. Housewife (Supporting Role as Young-seung)

2006 – Barefoot Ki-bong (as Cameo)

2006 – Marrying the Mafia III

2006 – SBS Alone in Love (Supporting Role as Gong Jun-pyo)

2007 – Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox

2007 – KBS2 Dal-ja’s Spring (Supporting Role as Shin Sae-do)

2008 – Life Is Beautiful (Main Role as Kim Min-kuk)

2008 – SBS I Love You (Main Role as Do Min-ho)

2008 – SBS Star’s Lover (Cameo as Director on episode 1)

2009 – Like You Know It All (as Bu Sang-yong)

2009 – Good Morning President (Cameo as Motorcycle Delivery Man)

2009-2015 – SBS Power FM Cine Town with Gong Hyung-jin

2009-2012 – tvN Taxi

2009 – Kleopatra (theater show)

2009-2010 – Defending the Caveman (theater show)

2010 – The Servant (Cameo as Man with Colored Glasses)

2010 – KBS2 The Slave Hunters / Chuno (Supporting Role as Eop Bok)

2010 – KBS2 The Fugitive: Plan B (Supporting Role as Master Jang)

2010 – SBS Running Man (Guest on episode 190)

2010-2011 – SBS Enjoy Today

2011 – Couples (Main Role as Byung-chan)

2011 – MBC The Duo (Supporting Role as Gong Po-gyo)

2011 – TV Chosun Entertainment in TV

2012 – KBS2 My Husband Got a Family (Cameo as Man arguing Yoon-hee)

2012 – E-Channel Totally Her

2012 – SBS Actor Pop Star

2012 – MBC Every 1 Appeal

2012 – Hairspray (theater show)

2013 – SBS All About My Romance (Supporting Role as Moon Bong-shik)

2013 – tvN Fantasy Girl

2013 – tvN Basketball (Supporting Role as Yon Bae)

2014 – SBS Angel Eyes (Supporting Role as Fireman Ki Woon-chan)

2014 – MBC Everybody, Kimchi! / Everything Kimchi (Cameo as Kang Se-hoon)

2014 – tvN Valid Love (Cameo as Doctor on episode 1)

2014 – jTBC Abnormal Summit (as Guest on episode 18)

2014 – MBC Every 1 A Celebrity Is Living in Our House

2015 – tvN Let’s Eat 2 (Cameo as In-ah’s husband on episode 11)

2015 – MBC King of Mask Singer (as Merchant in Venice)

2015 – jTBC Last (Supporting Role as Cha Hae-jin)

2015 – SBS I Have a Lover (Supporting Role as Min Tae-seok)

2016 – KBS2 Beautiful Mind (Supportin Role as Detective No Seung-chan)

2016 – The Map Against The World (Supporting Role as Shin Won)

2017 – Roman Holiday (Main Role as Gilberto Joo / Jin Ki-joo)

2018 – Salmon (Main Role as Doo-shik)