What’s Going on in Gong Hyo-jin’s Love Life? Let’s Find Out!

gong hyo jin

Korean Actress Gong Hyo-jin’s Love Life

Gong Hyo-jin is a South Korean actress, model, and fashion enthusiast. She is bestt known as the queen of romantic comedies, due to her successful portrayals of characters in her rom-com dramas. Almost all of her work has become successful. Even though she’s always playing the protagonist in all her rom-com dramas, her actual love life not as fortunate. Her relationships have all resulted in breakups, she still hasn’t gotten her own happily ever after.

Curious about what’s going on about Gong Hyo-jin love life? Lets find out!

gong hyo jin

After several break-ups with past lovers, Gong Hyo-jin is currently single, and has been for a while. There haven’t been any rumors going on about her current lover or romantic relationship, either. Maybe she still needs a break after her past relationships.

It’s not uncommon for actors and actresses to develop feelings towards their co-stars in a production. Let’s not forget about Ahn Jae-hyun & Goo Hye-sun from the drama Blood, Nam Joo-hyuk & Lee Sung-kyung from the drama Weighlifting Fairy Kim Book Jo, or even the famous couple Song Joong-ki & Song Hye-kyo, from the popular series Descendants of the Sun.

Gong Hyo-jin has played roles that involved being being paired with many famous actors, such as Jo In-sung, Kim Soo-hyun, Rain, Cha Tae-hyun, Cha Seung-woon, and Jo Jong-suk. She even received several Best Couple Awards. In an interview she admitted that she sometimes develops romantic feelings when performing with her drama co-stars. She did have a long-term relationship with one of her co-stars, Ryu Seung-bum, in 2001 television series Beautiful Days.

Gong Hyo-jin’s Ex-Boyfriends

  • Ryoo Seung-bum


Gong Hyo-jin dated a South Korean actor, Ryoo Seung-bum, on-and-off for several years. They met, as adults, on the set of the TV drama Beautiful Days, in 2001. Before that, the two had, in fact, shared one class in elementary school before Gong Hyo-jin transferred out. The couple publicly admitted their relationship soon after they become official. They starred together again in the 2002 comedy, Conduct Zero. They dated until some time in 2003.


The pair publicly confirmed their renewed relationship in 2008, before breaking up again in 2012. This time it might be for good. The public loved the couple, and it’s unfortunate that they ended their relationship. Many people still hope that Gong Hyo-jin and Ryoo Seung-bum mightget back together.

When she was asked about why it ended, Gong Hyo-jin answered, “If a couple has dated for ten years, that couple can guess why we broke up. If I were to say a little more detailed reason, we just felt that we wanted a break. It was not that we fought, and it was not that one person said we should break up first. We came here naturally. For a while, progressing in the direction of being friends, we had talks with each other and slowly sorted out our relationship.”

She then stated that they separated on good terms and remain friends.

  • Lee Jin-wook


She also dated Lee Jin-wook, a South Korean actor best known for his leading role in the romance series Glass Castle.

They dated in 2014, but it didn’t last long. They were close friends before developing special feelings towards each other, and according to Lee Jin-wook’s agency, Will Entertainment, they decided that they would make better friends than lovers.

They were first seen together during Seoul Fashion Week, in March, 2013. The couple were also photographed attending a Korean Film Night in New York City in 2014. They publicly announced their relationship when they were photographed on a date together in May, 2014. Although they never confirmed how long they’ve been dating, the speculation from the public said that it must be over a year.

After her relationship with Lee Jin-wook, Gong Hyo-jin has never been spotted dating anyone. It may be that she is keeping her relationship from the public. All we know is that she isn’t afraid of relationships since, in some interviews, Gong Hyo-jin still has a positive view about marriage.