Golden Child’s Y: Profile, Abs, Look-a-Like Jungkook, Etc.

Golden Child’s Y’s Amazing Vocals: Appearance on Masked Singer, “Y The Live,” Etc.

We mentioned before that Y has a soothing yet powerful voice. Y often gets parts in the chorus or when there’s a high note part in the song. With his amazing skills as a main vocalist, Y showed off on a national TV show called Masked Singer where he showed his powerful vocals while putting a mask on his face. He managed to amaze viewers with his performance!

Woollim Entertainment didn’t want Y’s talent to go to waste and just keep it to themselves. That’s why they released Y’s cover songs in the project called “Y The Live.” We can see how Y sings songs emotionally.

We also have mentioned that Y often fills in some OSTs for K-dramas. Y along with Jibeom sang a song called “Come with Me” for a K-drama called Lovely Enough to Love.

Another OST that Y sang for a drama is called “Love Shaker.” The drama is called Best Mistake.

What do you think of his voice? Y’s voice really suits the soundtrack, right?

Golden Child’s Y’s Looks like BTS’s Jungkook

golden child y

The first time Golden Child appeared on TV as a rookie group in 2017, Y’s name was spread online due to his resemblance to someone. It’s normal for a K-pop idol to look like someone also in the K-pop industry just like how Hollywood celebrities sometimes look like other celebrities, too.

Y’s style and face when he just made his debut in 2017 trended in some online community platforms because of his resemblance with BTS’s Jungkook.

golden child y
jungkook golden child y

Their faces and hair look a bit similar, and that’s why people see Jungkook’s face in Y.

What do you think of this? Do you think that Y looks like Jungkook? Or, do you think there are other idols who look like Y?

Golden Child’s Y’s Abs

golden child y

Y doesn’t only have a soothing and powerful voice. He also has a handsome face that can make us want to see more of his performances again and again. But, most importantly, Y has a built body that he sometimes shows to the world, especially his fans.

Y who has a serious face really looks manly with his abs. Don’t you think so?


We have reached the end of this article about Y from Golden Child. Not only does he have a handsome and manly body, but Y also has a soothing and powerful voice. No wonder fans like him so much. Let’s hope that Y will have another project that shows his beautiful voice in the future. Which of his charms do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments!