Golden Child’s Daeyeol: Profile, INFINITE’s Sungyeol’s Brother, Road to Kingdom, Etc.

Daeyeol’s Road to the Kingdom Era

road to kingdom

In 2020, Mnet held a survival show of some K-pop boy groups called Road to Kingdom. The program itself is basically a counterpart of their program called Queendom. Both of the programs have the same concept, it’s a battle between several K-pop groups, and in the end, one will win. The groups also have to compose their own song which will be released later in the final episode.

As for Road to Kingdom, it’s actually the pre-season for the program called Kingdom. So, the winner of Road to Kingdom will compete on Kingdom with other boy groups.

Golden Child joined Road to Kingdom along with other boy groups such as Pentagon, ONF, TOO, Oneus, Veryvery, and The Boyz.

golden child

Throughout the show, the boy groups performed covers of songs from their seniors such as Block B, TVXQ, Shinhwa, etc. There’s also an episode where they have to perform after they re-arrange their songs.

Unfortunately, Golden Child’s journey in Road to Kingdom stopped after the second round. In episode 4, Golden Child was eliminated from the show.

But Golden Child, especially Daeyeol, showed us their best. Let’s see some performances of Daeyeol with Golden Child in Road to Kingdom!

What do you think of Daeyeol’s performances in Road to Kingdom? It’s such a pity that the group didn’t make it to the finals. But, the performances were really great. Hopefully, the boys will grow bigger after the show. Good job, Golden Child! Good job, Daeyeol!

Daeyeol and Sungyeol’s INFINITE

infinite sungyeol daeyeol

We mentioned a lot that Daeyeol and Sungyeol are brothers. So, let’s see how the Lee siblings’ relationship is.

As you may know, Daeyeol is the youngest brother while Sungyeol is the eldest one. If we see their body figures, Daeyeol really resembles Sungyeol. Even their heights are almost the same. They both are so tall and cool.

Even so, Daeyeol and Sungyeol’s characteristics are quite different. If you followed INFINITE’s reality shows, you know that Sungyeol has bright and goofy characteristics, and INFINITE’s members often jokingly mocking him. Sungyeol is such a comedian in INFINITE.

sungyeol daeyeol

As for Daeyeol, he is quiet and calm and not only because he’s the leader of Golden Child. In reality, he’s a person who looks serious but knows when to joke around. Instead of being a comedian in the group, he’s more like the one that takes care of the members.

sungyeol daeyeol

If we compare their characteristics on camera, the two brothers are so different despite their similar faces. But, one thing we know for sure, both Sungyeol and Daeyeol are cool and amazing in their own way. Support the Lee brothers, everyone!


That’s all the information that we can gather for you to know more about Daeyeol. So, after seeing this article, now we know that Daeyeol indeed has a lot of charms and specialties. No wonder he’s now a successful idol with Golden Child just like his brother, Sungyeol. Which of Daeyeol’s charms do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments, please!