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Golden Child’s Tag Accused of Being Rude to Fans

In November 2020, Tag has again become the source of debate as a fan’s video emerged on Twitter. The video displays Tag’s answer to a fan’s question during a virtual fan meeting. The question was: “For how long will you promote? Will you be uploading on ‘Channel Gol-cha’ or making your own content (on YouTube)?”

In response to the question regarding his promotion schedule, Tag shortly answered, “I can’t tell you that.”

Meanwhile, when the fan asked him, “Will you be uploading on ‘Channel Gol-cha’ or recording your own content (on YouTube)?” he replied, “Why would (missing pronoun) record that?”

The video then continued to display the fans’ silence/missing subtitles, to which Tag then said, “Why are you testing me?”

The fan was confused and asked, “What??” to which Tag replied, “Why are you testing me?”

“I’m just asking T_T,” said the fan’s subtitle. “That’s the same thing,” replied Tag while laughing.

It turns out the very next day after the fan meeting event, Golden Child had a goodbye stage.

In response to this, many netizens accused Tag of being rude when engaging with his fan.

“I can’t watch this twice….what’s wrong with him,” commented a netizen. “I heard that fan used at least $2000 on this fansign…I’d be so angry,” added another. “The fan wasn’t even asking anything ‘private’; they are questions anyone can simply ask,” said another.

However, many people also defended Tag saying that the video was lacking context. Another also offers the opinion that leaking his schedule can potentially invite sasaeng fans that can be harmful to him.


Golden Child’s Tag’s On-Stage Performances

Blessed with dazzling visual and proportional body has given Tag an advantage in performing on the stage. You could see how much his passion overflowed whenever he’s performing.

Check out a few of his fan-cams below!

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the main rapper of Golden Child Young-taek aka Tag! What do you think about him and his controversies? Let’s chat about him in the comment section below!