Golden Child’s Tag: Profile, Fun Facts, Debut, Personality, Controversies

In October 2020, when Tag was about to attend a fan signing video call in a building, he injured his ankle when he suddenly fell while getting out of the car.

Initially, the video of Tag falling while getting out of the car became a hot topic on social media. Woolim Entertainment then released an official statement that later drew criticism from fans.

A short video showing the moment Tag fell from the car spread on Twitter. At that time, Tag just opened the car door when suddenly he seemed to lose his balance and fell. From the picture, it seemed like the road was indeed uneven and a little rocky. The staff beside Tag rushed to help him to get back to his feet and he was carried into the building.

Not long after the video spread on Twitter, Woollim Entertainment finally spoke up regarding the accident. In an official statement, the agency announced that Tag was diagnosed with ligament damage to his ankle.

The statement said, “On the way to work at the video call fan signing event held on the 18th, due to the direct use of strobe (flash) towards Golden Child members and obstruction of movement lines, there was a situation where member TAG wrung his ankle. Immediately after the incident, TAG received emergency first aid treatment, and following the conclusion of the scheduled event, he went to the hospital for examination and treatment, where he received a diagnosis of ligament damage. As the health of our artists is our top priority, we will make efforts to ensure TAG’s speedy recovery.”

The agency went on emphasizing the fans’ fault, “Nowadays, fans are no longer regular at many Golden Child shows. In order to prevent accidents like this from happening again, our staff kept making requests and trying to hold back (disorganized fans). But our efforts are often ignored, and our staff even sneered. In the end, we came to a situation where a Golden Child member was injured.”

“In order to protect the health and safety of Golden Child members, we will strengthen our rules regarding fan club etiquette and inform you of the new rules. In addition, if someone engages in disorderly behavior in a fan club in the future, we will remove them from all fan club activities associated with Golden Child without warning,” concluded Woollim Entertainment.

Upon the release, the agency’s statement drew criticism from many Golden Child fans. Most of them considered that Woollim Entertainment was misdirecting the blame to fans regarding this accident. Many fans argued the reason Tag fell while getting out of the car was purely an accident since Tag is also known to be a clumsy person.

In an official statement, Woollim Entertainment mentioned that someone was blocking Tag’s way when getting out of the car. However, in the video, there are not many people at the venue.

“A person can sprain his ankle just by walking, why do they blame others. I’m at a loss for words,” said a Golden Child fan, as quoted from Koreaboo. “I thought, fans packed the venue. Why did the agency overreact?” said another fan.

In addition, a handful of fans also realized that the Golden Child members who saw Tag fall when getting out of the car were not helping him. When Tag fell, there were several Golden Child members who also got out of the car, but no one stopped and helped him. Instead of helping Tag to stand up, they just put on a shocked expression and grabbed Tag’s shoulder. In the end, Tag was assisted by staff and was brought to the fan signing video call venue.

After this accident, Tag was still undergoing comeback activities with Golden Child by appearing on various music programs while sitting on stage.