Golden Child’s Seungmin: Profile, Fun Facts, Debut, Live Streaming Slip-up, etc

Golden Child’s Seungmin’s Vocal Skills

As the lead vocalist, he often sings the crucial part of the songs such as introduction, bridge, and chorus. He was chosen as the lead vocalist due to his beautiful voice that has a clear, calm tone that results in a tingling feeling in the listeners’ hearts.

Check out his golden vocal in the several clips below!


Golden Child’s Seungmin’s Focus Fan-cam

Although Seungmin’s strength is in his vocal, he also has excellent dance skills! Although he is the shortest in the team, he does not look small in the group dance and his movement is cool, big, and clean, as said by the Golden Child choreographer.

His golden vocal combined with his great dancing skills will surely make you faint. Check out the fan-cams below to see his shining performance!

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the golden voice of Golden Child, Seungmin! What do you think about his skills and personality? Let’s interact in the comment section below!