Golden Child’s Seungmin: Profile, Fun Facts, Debut, Live Streaming Slip-up, etc

The Golden Voice of Golden Child—Bae Seungmin!

It is not a strange sight that every group has its own ace slash golden vocalist. In the case of Golden Child, the third group from Woolim Entertainment, that golden vocalist is Bae Seungmin. He is the fifth member of the team that was introduced and he fills the position as the lead vocalist of the group.

Wearing number 98 as his jersey number, it represents the year 1998 aka the year in which he was born. He has a beautiful voice that has a clear, calm tone that results in a tingling feeling, and he often sings the crucial part of the song such as introduction, bridge, and chorus.

Do you want to get to know him better? Say no more and scroll down this article below!


Full Profile of Golden Child’s Seungmin
  • Stage Name: Seungmin (승민)
  • Birth Name: Bae Seungmin (배승민)
  • Position: Lead Vocalist
  • Birthday: October 13th, 1998
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Blood Type: A


Facts that You Need to Know About Golden Child’s Seungmin
  • He comes from Gwangju
  • He studied at Jinman Elementary School (Graduate), Gwangju Shinchang Middle School (Graduate), Gwangju Seongdeok High School (Graduate), Baekseok University of Arts (Practical Music)
  • He has two siblings (a younger brother named Seungho and a younger sister named Yerim)
  • Mini, Pocky, PBoy, and BaeMin are some of his nicknames
  • He joined Woolim at the end of 2016 through an academy audition
  • He was a former JYP Entertainment trainee after passing the final round of JYP’s 12th audition
  • When he was in JYP, he was a teammate of ONEUS’s Seoho
  • He is the shortest member of Golden Child
  • He likes fresh fruit juice
  • He is shy but has a cute personality
  • He imitates G Soul and stomach growling sounds
  • He can fit his whole body including his head into a suitcase
  • He likes fantasy genre films
  • When he first entered the company, Tag was the first to talk to him and offered to help him with his luggage, then they became best friends
  • He really likes American music
  • He hates cucumbers
  • He loves mocha coffee
  • He once got lost when he was five years old
  • He wanted to keep his height a secret because he suffered from bullying because of his height
  • He has a black belt in Kendo and he can also do Taekwondo
  • When he was in elementary school, his nickname was Cart Rider
  • After Y and Jangjun, he is the best most sporty member
  • He is the singer of the original soundtrack of the drama Best Mistake 2, “Love Shaker” along with Y and Joochan, and the drama Legal High, “Never” ft. Y
  • At first, he was embarrassed to be called Pocket Boy, but now he likes it because he thinks that’s what makes fans like him more
  • He is a huge fan of singer Crush
  • He often loses in bets with other members
  • In the group, his jersey number is 98
  • He chose jersey number 98 because it represents the year in which he was born, 1998


Seungmin’s Official Debut with Golden Child

Before debuting with Golden Child, Seungmin was a former JYP Entertainment trainee after passing the final round of JYP Entertainment’s 12th audition and he even became a teammate with ONEUS’s Seoho. He then joined Woolim at the end of 2016 through an academy audition.

In June 2017, Woollim Entertainment announced that they would be debuting the second boy group after Infinite, Golden Child (abbreviated as GNCD or GolCha). They also released a number of recent photos of the members of the group and introduced each member of the 11-member line-up. The group has already had a prior fan base due to their appearance in the reality show 2017 Woollim Pick.

He was the 6th member to be introduced through the concept video, revealing a pink hair and flower boy outfit as his main concept. In the group, he occupied the position of the lead vocalist due to his unique voice.

Finally, he made his debut with Golden Child on August 28th, 2017, with the release of the song “Dam Da Di” which is the title track of their first mini-album Gol-Cha! which contains an intro and five other songs. The debut title track, “Dam Da Di”, is composed by Yeah Nice, Gavin, and JayJay. The song offers a fresh and energetic mood with a catchy beat and a perfect melody.

Golden Child’s debut can be considered successful, seeing that they became ambassadors for the Korean Scout Association in 2018 after being appointed on December 6th, 2017 (within the same year of their debut). The group then participated in various activities to promote South Korean scouting.


Golden Child’s Seungmin‘s Visual and Personality

Seungmin has bright eyes and cute looks and is said to have the best skin on the team. Although he is still young, he still looks even younger than his age. The point of his charm lays in the gaping teeth that appear when he smiles.

He almost consistently maintained his short hairstyle. He grew his hair for the “Genie: promotion, and then dyed it brown for the “WANNABE” promotional activities, and his visual is only getting better and better. He is often said to resemble Produce 101 contestant Kim Min-seo due to his sharp features.

In terms of personality, he is usually quiet and calm, but he has the potential to be a comedian who can pop up anytime. Because of his gentle personality, he often gets teased by the members. He also said that many referred to him as an emotional member. He is a member who easily sympathizes and can provide good advice.


Golden Child’s Seungmin’s Hillarious Live Streaming Slip-Up

On July 17th, 2020, Seungmin and Jaehyun managed to surprise fans through their live broadcast. During a live broadcast, they let a slip us as they accidentally mentioned one of the famous condom brands.

It all began with the discussion on what Marvel characters each member represents. Seungmin said that Jibeom resembled the character Drax. However, Seungmin mistook the character’s name by saying one of the famous condom brand, Durex.

The two idols were not aware of the mispronunciation of the character’s name and continued the discussion. Their manager, who was monitoring the broadcast, then immediately told Seungmin and Jaehyun and informed them of the pronunciation error.

After finding out about his mistake, Seungmin and Jaehyun looked at each other and became embarrassed. Seungmin closed his mouth, while Jehyun couldn’t hold back his laughter.

As a result of this, Seungmin and Jaehyun’s innocent actions received a laugh and attention from netizens.

“Your guy doesn’t know the condom brand?” commented a netizen. “Hahahahhaa children under age,” commented another.