Golden Child’s Joochan: Profile, Debut Story, Knee Injury, and Musical Talent

golden child joochan

The Vocal and Violin Genius of Golden Child!

Joochan is a South Korean singer of the boy group Golden Child. He specialized in his vocal ability and is cool with his ability in playing musical instruments. Channel-Korea will give you more of Joochan’s profile and his personal story below! Stay tuned!

Golden Child’s Joochan’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Joochan (Hangeul: 주찬)
Birth Name: Hong Joo Chan (Hangeul: 홍주찬)
Chinese Name: Hong Zhou Can (洪周燦)
Birthday: July 31, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 175 cm (5’9”)
Blood Type: O

Golden Child’s Joochan’s Fun Facts


– Joochan was born in Seoul, South Korea.

– He graduated from Jeungsan Elementary School, Soongsil Middle School, and Lila Art High School.

– Joochan can play the guitar, piano, and violin.

– Joochan’s jersey number is 55.

– Joochan loves listening to ballads.

– His sibling was born in 1996.

– Joochan’s favorite flower is the rose.

– Joochan enjoys drawing.

– Joochan was doing hapkido since he was 7 years old, and he earned 15 gold medals and 30 awards.

– Joochan loves Bruno Mars’s song “Versace on the Floor.”

– Joochan’s hobbies are walking, exercising, watching movies, photography, writing, and making songs.

– Joochan has a special talent for performing a voice impression of Spongebob.

– Joochan loves crafting and DIY projects.

– Joochan loves taking pictures when traveling to make memories.

– If he could body swap, he wants to try living as his father.

– He participated in The Masked Singer in 2018.

– He loves eating okonomiyaki, sushi, and ramen from Japan, pad thai in Thailand, and street sausages from Indonesia.

– About Korean food, he always recommends stir-fried pork and spicy marinated crab with rice.

– Joochan was learning various languages like Spanish and Japanese.

– His ideal type is someone who has a beautiful smile.

Golden Child’s Joochan’s Debut Story

In 2017, Woollim Entertainment made a pre-debut project for their trainees called W Project. This project made a new boy group after 7 years of Infinite’s birth.

Joochan debuted with Golden Child on August 28, 2017, with the song “Dam Da Di.” Golden Child’s members include Daeyeol, Y, Jangjun, Tag, Seungmin, Jaehyun, Jibeom, Donghyun, Bomin, and Joochan.

Check out their MV below!

Golden Child’s Joochan Playing the Violin and Various Musical Instruments

Not only singing and dancing but Joochan is also popular with his ability to play musical instruments. Joochan’s ability in playing the violin is somewhat popular among other instruments he can play.

His musicality is amazing. He can also play the guitar and piano.

Golden Child’s Joochan’s Knee Injury Caused a Hiatus

As a member of a boy group that has dance practice from time to time, sometimes injuries happen. While rehearsing choreography in 2018, Joochan suffered an injury to his knee ligament.

An official statement was given by Woolim Entertainment stating that Joochan suffered an injury to his left leg’s knee ligament. He needed to get treatment and rest in order to get a full recovery. He hoped that his fans would keep supporting him and Golden Child’s journey and performances without him until he could return.

Joochan expressed that during his hiatus he started learning Japanese and watching the variety show Coffee Friends. How productive of him!

Golden Child Releases “Burn It” in Their 5th EP Yes

Golden Child released their fifth EP Yes with the lead single “Burn It” on January 25, 2021. Check it out above!

This song has soulful and fast beats that are so engaging. Their lyrics are so catchy as well. We look forward to seeing them promote more!

That is all about Golden Child’s Joochan’s profile and his journey. What do you like about Golden Child’s Joochan? Put your comment below and also share it on Twitter!