Meet the Sophisticated Golden Child’s Donghyun: Profile, Facts, Live Performances, and More!

golden child donghyun

The Adorable Member of Golden Child, Kim Dong-hyun!

Kim Dong-hyun is a Golden Child member with various charms. With his adorable smile and amazing dance skills, Golden Child’s Donghyun has stolen everyone’s heart easily! Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about Golden Child’s Donghyun, so stay tuned!

Golden Child’s Donghyun’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Kim Dong-hyun (김동현)

Stage Name: Donghyun (동현)

Birth: Seoul, South Korea, February 23, 1999

Age: 22 years old

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Nationality: Korean

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Blood Type: A

Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist

Years Active: 2017 – present

Label: Woollim Entertainment

Associated With: Golden Child, W Project

Interesting Facts about Golden Child’s Donghyun
  • Donghyun has a younger brother named Kim Min-chan.
  • Since he was in the 4th grade, Donghyun has dreamed of being a singer.
  • Donghyun became a trainee during his first year of middle school.
  • Donghyun’s parents were very supportive of his dream to become a singer.
  • Donghyun won a silver prize during a children’s singing contest.
  • He attended Guahm Middle School and Seoul of Performing Arts High School.
  • When he was younger, Donghyun wasn’t the type of person who talked very much.
  • Donghyun’s hobbies are collecting shoes, reading books, window shopping, and playing games.
  • He has a dog named Dadi.
  • Donghyun doesn’t like bubble tea and doesn’t really drink coffee.
  • Donghyun’s favorite fruits are strawberries, mango, and melon.
  • He loves eating pizza, spicey Jin ramen, and side dishes.

The Full Story of Golden Child’s Donghyun’s Career!

Donghyun has proven that his dream wasn’t just a dream when he finally made it! From a trainee to a K-pop idol, here is the complete story of Golden Child’s Donghyun’s career journey:

Donghyun’s Pre-Debut Appearances

Since he was younger, Donghyun has dreamed of being a singer. And luckily, both of his parents supported his dream as well! Slowly but surely, Donghyun pursued his career by joining Woollim Entertainment and becoming a trainee. He also underwent a bunch of dancing and singing practice which lead him to improve his skills!

Before his debut with Golden Child, in January 2017, Donghyun was introduced as part of the W Project which was known as a pre-debut project for their trainees. Let’s take a look at Donghyun’s pre-debut appearances here:

Donghyun’s Debut as a Golden Child Member

Donghyun officially debuted as a Golden Child member on August 28, 2017, when the group released its first mini-album entitled Gol-Cha! with “DamDaDi” as its title track. The group was formed under Woollim Entertainment and originally consisted of 11 members. However, one member left the group in 2018.

In Golden Child, Donghyun is in charge of the main dancer and vocalist positions. During their debut era, Donghyun and the other Golden Child members gained a lot of attention and support from their fans! They have released various famous singles such as “It’s U,” “Spring Again,” “Wannabe,” “Pump It Up,” and many more.

Golden Child also held its first solo concert titled Future and Past which was held at the Blue Square Market in Seoul, South Korea. Not only that, the group celebrated their first debut anniversary by holding a fan meeting on Golden Day in Seoul as well!

Check Out Donghyun’s Amazing Performances Here!

Check out Golden Child’s Donghyun with his various charms during live stage performances here!

Golden Child’s Donghyun brought another level of charisma during the “Burn It” live stage performance. With a black outfit and manly style, Donghyun looked beyond stunning! As the main dancer, he also showed off his powerful dance performance that harmonized well with the upbeat music!

Golden Child’s Donghyun looked effortlessly stunning in one of Golden Child’s “Wannabe” performances! The way he danced, sung, and even his facial expression was filled with passion and energy! Moreover, Donghyun with brown-greyish hair also looked very handsome, right?

Golden Child’s Donghyun’s Song Cover

Golden Child’s Donghyun also made fans excited with his song cover performance! With his casual style appearance while singing with a soft voice, Donghyun’s performance of “So Long” was very good. The song was originally performed by Paul Kim and was also known as part of the K-drama Hotel Del Luna‘s soundtrack!

Watch his amazing song cover performance here:

That was all of the information about Golden Child’s Donghyun! As one of the K-pop idols who has a lot of charm, Donghyun has also proven that his hard work and his experience as a trainee could bring him to his fate- officially debuting as a boy group member with Golden Child! After all this time, he deserved it!

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