Vitamin of Golden Child, Bomin: Profile, Debut, Acting, and Become Etude Model

golden child bomin

The Face of The Boy Group Golden Child, Choi Bomin

Bomin is a South Korean singer, actor, and host that also a member of the boy group Golden Child under Woollim Entertainment. He is caught many eyes because of his talent and visual.

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Golden Child’s Bomin’s Full Profile

golden child bomin

Stage Name: Bomin (보민)

Birth Name: Choi Bomin (최보민)

Birthday: August 24, 2000

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon

Height: 180 cm (5’11″)

Blood Type: B

Religion: Protestantism

Nationality: Korean

Jersey Number: 89

Golden Child’s Bomin’s Fun Fact

golden child bomin

– Bomin was born in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

– Bomin has a younger sister, Choi Seobin.

– He graduated from Seocheon High School, Hanlim Multi Art High School.

– Bomin ever become a model when he was a baby.

– Bomin’s Jersey number is 89 since if the number 100 subtracts 11, it equals 89.

– His nickname is 장난꾸러기 (jangnankkurogi), meaning fools around and 실세 막내 (silse maknae), meaning big shot youngest.

– Bomin’s shoe sizes 270 mm.

– He was doing rapping for his audition.

– Bomin’s hobbies are reading books, watching movies, and managing things.

– Bomin has ever appeared in Lovelyz MV, ‘Now, We’.

– Bomin is a trainee of Woollim for two years before his debut with Golden Child.

– Bomin’s color is red.

– His favorite subject is history.

– His favorite season is spring.

– Horses and cats are his favorite animal.

– On the other hand, Bomin is afraid of bugs.

– He is the second tallest member in Golden Child.

– Bomin has the capability to play the drum.

– His role model is Sunggyu Infinite.

– Bomin doesn’t enjoy bell peppers and oysters.

– Bomin’s roommate is Donghyun.

– Bomin’s favorite foods are pork cutlet and sushi.

– Bomin’s favorite sport is football.

– He likes doing calligraphy.

– Bomin befriends Sunwoo The Boyz, Eric, Jeno NCT, Sanha ASTRO, Wooyoung Ateez, Hyunjin Stray Kids, Joshua Seventeen, Daehwi AB6IX, or WannaOne.

Golden Child’s Bomin’s Debut in Golden Child

golden child bomin

Bomin debuted with boy Golden Child on August 28, 2017, with lead track ‘DamDaDi’. He was first a trainee in Wollim Entertainment for two years before debuting on Golden Child. His first showed with Golden Child is in Blue Square iMarket Hall.

Golden Child’s Bomin’s as Vitamin and Visual of the Group

golden child bomin

His big eyes and a soft smile are his signatures.

golden child bomin _gncd11

Bomin looks like an innocent boy in his uniform.

golden child bomin

No wonder, Bomin could stealth people’s hearts, his lovely faces so unbelievable. He is so fit like a fairy-man with the flower behind him. What do you think?

Golden Child’s Bomin’s Solo Activity as Actor and Entertainer

golden child bomin _gncd11

Bomin is full of talent in entertainment, and he never stops explore his capability in various fields. In 2019, Bomin tried acting as the lead role in A-TEEN 2. Moreover, he was also a host in the KBS music program Music Bank from July 2019 to July 2020. What a talent!

golden child bomin

Later on, after his portfolio on acting appeared, Bomin got opportunities in doing drama series more often. In November 2020, Bomin appeared on ‘18 Again’ as Seo Ji-ho on JTBC.

Golden Child’s Bomin Become Brand Model of Etude Cosmetic

golden child bomin

In February 2021, Bomin became an official brand model for cosmetics label Etude.

golden child bomin

Bomin looks fresh and young fit with the brand of cosmetic. See his charismatic eyes and simple smile but enchanting. Do you agree? Before him, some actresses and singers have become the brand ambassador of Etude before, such as Red Velvet, S.E.S, Krystal, Song Hye-kyo, and many more. Such a great accomplishment!

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