Go Soo’s Wife and Their Wedding Story

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Let’s Find out More About the Sweet Love Story of Go Soo and His Wife!

When They First Met…

The handsome 39 years-old man is now off the table, ladies! He is now happily married to his longtime girlfriend. The press and media didn’t know much about his wife since his wife is not in the entertainment business. She is only a student in college for art and is 11 years younger than the actor.

The lucky girl’s name is Kim Hye-yeon, and she is majoring in sculpting. The story of them started in 2008 when they met through acquaintances. The first time he met her, he admitted that he had already fallen for her, but he didn’t tell her and kept concealed his feelings. But, since they had such a friendly relationship, it couldn’t be helped that, finally, both of them spoke their true feelings to each other, and they started dating.

In 2011, in an interview with Star News, there was a rumor about him marrying his girlfriend. On the telephone, he said that they haven’t married yet but bravely told the reporter that he wasn’t hiding his plan to. He said, “She has no relation or connection to the entertainment world, so I’ve been very cautious about announcing it to the press.”┬áThat day, though he was tired, he still managed to laugh on the phone, and he seemed happy. He laughed and answered, “Haha, I’m still tired and still need a little rest.”┬áBut, then, he added, “Even so, I still want to meet her. It’s a good thing to meet her. So wonderful”

Though he’s been keeping his relationship and his wife a secret, there were some photos going around on the Internet showing the face of his wife. Many people said that she is indeed an ulzzang (someone who has the prettiest or most handsome face). Check them out!

go soo's wife


go soo's wife

She was born in 1989 while Go Soo was born in 1978. Though she is still young, she is known as a mature lady. And, fun fact, it turns out she’s not a fan of Go Soo! A close friend stated that “They’d make a wonderful couple. She is very understanding and great at making Go Soo feel comfortable working as an actor. She’s cheerful, and on top of that, she is beautiful.”

The Proposal


On press conference prior to their wedding, he shared a bit of his thought of marrying her and his proposal. Though he didn’t tell the way he proposed to her, he somehow told a bit of their story, looking all happy. “I have thought of marrying her on the first moment I met her. For some time, we were very careful around each other and our relationship, it’s been about a year and a half since we were seriously started considering marriage.”

About his proposal, he said that he proposed to her on the 365th day of their relationship. He didn’t share much about it since he wants it to be just a special memory between both of them.

It is known that they have a big difference gap in terms of age, but he doesn’t think that it would be a problem for him or her. “I just have a little more experience than her, but it doesn’t affect our lives. We actually make a good conversation every day. We commute well and always making decisions together. We always talk to each other and exchange opinions.” He then added, “She suits me so well, so I think we’ll be able to live without having any serious problems.”

He did shocked fans when he announced his marriage announcement since he never mentioned about him being engaged. But all fans congratulate him anyway.