Go Soo-hee: Profile, Movies, Dramas, from ‘Sunny’ to ‘Angry Mom’

Go Soo-hee’s popular dramas

go soo-hee

Besides the movie recommendations featuring Go Soo-hee among the cast, you might also like the dramas Go Soo-hee has starred in. Let’s take a look below to find out more!

Go Soo-hee in Lies of Lies

lies of lies

The story tells of Ji Eun-soo, a woman who marries a son of a crazy rich family. But all of a sudden, she is blamed for the murder of her husband. Thus, she is imprisoned for years.

While in prison, her baby daughter is adopted by a reporter named Kang Ji-min. When Ji Eun-soo’s sentence has finished, she searches for her daughter and wants to take her back. But Kang Ji-min is very cold. He doesn’t want to give his adopted daughter just like that.

Therefore, Ji Eun-soo starts approaching Kang Ji-min by pretending to have fallen in love with him. She is willing to get married to Kang Ji-min and become the stepmother of her own daughter.

go soohee

Go Soo-hee’s character is Jang Mi-jin. She is one of Ji Eun-soo’s cellmates while in prison, and she helps Ji Eun-soo to approach Kang Ji-min because they happen to live in the same apartment building.

If you find this drama interesting, just watch the whole drama and see what’s going to happen next with Ji Eun-soo, Kang Ji-min, and their daughter!

Go Soo-hee in Forest


This drama is about a woman and a man who meet by chance in a forest. The woman, Jung Young-jae, is a surgical resident, while the man, Kang San-hyeok is a 119 rescuer.

Before that, Young-jae meets San-hyeok in the hospital where Young-jae works.

San-hyeok who was a successful property investor started to become one of the rescuer special teams to explore the forest. Even with a cold personality, San-hyeok secretly has a traumatic past. However, he couldn’t remember it clearly.

Young-jae was working in a hospital before she had to move to the forest due to some incidents. Same as San-hyeok, Young-jae also has a traumatic past.

They meet again in the forest. Even though their relationship wasn’t that good before, they start to bond again and even fall in love.

As they live together in the forest, they start to get to know their past and also the forest.

go soohee

Go Soo-hee’s character is Nurse Kim, one of the colleagues of Young-jae in her hospital.

If you’re curious, might as well put this drama on your watchlists!

Go Soo-hee in Angry Mom

angry mom go soohee

The next drama is such a heartwarming Korean drama that surely will make you curious. Although this drama is not about romance, Angry Mom will make you learn a lot about the true meaning of how hard it is to be a mom.

The story tells about Kang-ja, the mother who lives with her husband, daughter, and mother-in-law. She becomes a mother at a young age, she’s now in her 30s while the daughter, Ah-ran is a high schooler.

Living as a mother, Kang-ja tries to be protective and responsible to her daughter, Ah-ran. But Ah-ran is not that open to her. That is because Ah-ran is being bullied by her schoolmates. Knowing about this, Kang-ja boiled up and wanted to protect her daughter herself.

go soohee angry mom

Kang-ja turned into a high schooler to find out the truth about who is the culprit behind the bullying of her daughter, Ah-ran. With her best friend Gong-joo’s help, Kang-ja makes a disguise as a high school student to catch the bully.

Go Soo-hee portrayed Gong-jo who always helps Kang-ja and teamed up to discuss the mission they will take.

If you’re interested, don’t forget to watch Angry Mom!

Go Soo-hee in the KBS Drama Special Adolescence Medley

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As you can see in the title, this drama titled Adolescence Medley is a special drama of the KBS channel. The drama tells the story of a boy named Choi Jung-woo who used to live in Seoul but ended up move to a small town with his mom.

There, he started to make friends with his new schoolmates. Although at first, as a city boy, he doesn’t like being a student in a small town. He also started dating the class president, Yang A-yeong by accident.

However, both Jung-woo and A-yeong developed a romantic relationship little by little. Since both of them are still innocent in love, the development of the two of them will surely make you smile shyly.

go soohee

Go Soo-hee acted as Jung-woo’s mother.

If you’re interested, just watch this drama that you can find online!

Go Soo-hee in Never Twice

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Another drama with Go Soo-hee is Never Twice. The drama tells the story of a woman who just became a widow after her husband died mysteriously. She is Geum Bak-ha who still can’t accept the death of her husband and is willing to discover the truth.

The story takes place in Paradise Inn. This is a hotel that has a lot of unique residents. Geum Bak-ha lived in this hotel room while trying to solve the murder of her husband.

She meets Na Hae-joon, the heir of a five-star hotel.

There are also Bang Eun-ji and Gam Pong-ki, other residents of the hotel. They came separately and both are single.

And also, Choi Man-ho and Yang Geum-hee, a married couple who are desperate and want to commit suicide because of a lost lawsuit.

go soohee

Go Seung-hee portrayed Yang Geum-hee.

For your information, Never Twice has 72 episodes where one episode has 30 minutes. If you like family drama like this, don’t forget to put this drama on your watchlist!

Go Soo-hee’s appearance in Knowing Brothers

knowing brothers go soohee

Do you know the popular variety show Knowing Brothers? If you’re into K-pop and K-dramas, you must at least have heard about this variety show that has a lot of MCs such as Kim Hee-chul, Kang Ho-dong, etc.

Not only K-pop idols, but Korean actresses like Go Soo-hee have also appeared in Knowing Brothers.

Go Soo-hee appeared in episode 255, along with Lee Tae-ran and Kim Seung-woo.

The funny thing is, the three of them rarely appear in variety shows. They also don’t really appear together even if they do.

go soohee

There, Go Soo-hee talked about a lot of things, such as how she wanted to be a sad-romantic actress, how she was flustered after meeting Kim Seung-woo for the first time, etc.

The three of them also show a cute dance.

Don’t forget to watch the amusing episode of Knowing Brother with Go Soo-hee!

Go Soo-hee’s relationship with Kwak Dong-yeon

go soohee kwak dongyeon

The beginning of Go Soo-hee and Kwak Dong-yeon’s relationship was when the two of them starred in Adolescence Medley. Go Soo-hee portrayed Kwak Dong-yeon’s character, Jung-woo’s mother.

The drama was aired in 2013. So it has been years since the first time the two of them met.

Both Go Soo-hee and Kwak Dong-yeon then meet again in Never Twice. The drama was aired in 2019.

Even so, Go Soo-hee and Kwak Dong-yeon still maintain a good relationship. Go Soo-hee sees Kwak Dong-yeon as her son, since on their first project together they played as mother and son. They also played together in a theater play on November 26th, 2017.


That was all the info about Go Soo-hee that we have gathered for you. Hope that all this information has helped you feel closer and better acquainted with Go Soo-hee as an actress and entertainer. As you can see, Go Soo-hee is such an amazing actress. Let’s continue to support her and the movies or dramas that she stars in. Cheers!