Go Soo-hee: Profile, Movies, Dramas, from ‘Sunny’ to ‘Angry Mom’

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Meet Sunny and Angry Mom actress—Go Soo-hee

As a fan of Korean dramas, you must have seen some of the actors or actresses that you frequently see in different dramas’ titles. Not only the main characters, but the actors and actresses that play the supporting roles.

As you can see, an interesting and well-produced drama cannot be a good one without the help of the supporting characters.

And some of the actors or actresses might have caught your attention one or two times. You are probably wondering who are the actors and actresses that play the characters.

So in this article, we’re going to talk about one of the popular supporting actresses.

And that’s none other than Go Soo-hee.

If you see her face, you probably have seen her somewhere. Because she has played plenty of roles in popular dramas such as Beloved Eun-dong, Cheer Up!, Forest, etc. Not only that, but she also participated in the popular drama Sunny.

Let’s talk more about Go Soo-hee. Scroll down the article to get to know her better!

Go Soo-hee’s full profile

go soohee

Full name: Go Soo-hee

Stage name: Soo-hee

Korean or Hangul name: 고수희

Birthplace: Daegu, Gwangyeoksi, South Korea

Birthdate: July 18th, 1976

Height: 1.71 m

Education: Anyang Art High School, Daegu Science University, Daejin University

Major: Broadcasting and Entertainment Department, Film Department

Agency: The Queen AMC or 더퀸AMC

Debut date: 1999

Go Soo-hee’s background

go soohee

Go Soo-hee was born and raised in Daegu, Gyeongsang province, South Korea. If you’re also into K-pop, you must have heard about Daegu a lot as a hometown of some K-pop idols such as Suga of BTS, Irene of Red Velvet, etc.

As for Go Soo-hee, she spent her childhood in Daegu, and then enrolled in the university in Daegu. She attended Daegu Science University after graduating from an art high school in Anyang.

For your information, before SOPA or Hanlim existed, Anyang Art High School was the first art school in Korea.

After that, she moved to Seoul to pursue her career. She started by participating in a drama titled I Keep Wanting to See You as Han Mi-yang, which aired in 1998. Not only on the small screens, but she also started to reach the big screen in 2000 after starring in a movie titled Barking Dogs Never Bite as Yoon Jang-mi or Fatso.

go soohee

Year after year she continued to take on roles in plenty of dramas and even movies.

For the dramas, Go Soo-hee has been in Fashion King, To the Beautiful You, Angry Mom, etc. And for the movies, Go Soo-hee has been in Sunny, Tazza: The Hidden Card, Voice of a Murderer, etc.

If you’re curious about some popular dramas and movies that Go Soo-hee has starred in, let’s scroll down to find out more!

Go Soo-hee’s popular movies

go soo-hee

If you’re willing to see Korean movies but don’t know where to start, well, we’ve got you covered! You might add some of Go Soo-hee’s movies that we are going to talk about soon to your watch-list. Because these movies that Go Soo-hee has starred in are surely among the best Korean movies with various types of genres.

Scroll down to find out more!

Go Soo-hee in Sunny


Whether you have watched it or not, you might have heard about the Sunny movie that was popular around the early 2010s. The movie was aired in 2011 in cinema and also in some Film Festivals in a lot of cities, such as the Busan International Film Festival, the Korean Film Festival in Paris, the Mumbai Film Festival, etc.

Sunny was so popular that the movie itself has been adopted in some countries such as Japan and Indonesia.

Sunny is such a heartwarming coming-of-age movie that tells the story of the friendship of seven girls in their high-school days. The seven girls are Lim Na-mi, Ha Chun-hwa, Kim Jang-mi, Hwang Jin-hee, Seo Geum-ok, Ryuk Bok-hee, and Su-ji.

The seven of them are so close and bond their relationship through the ups and the downs. They even promised to stay together forever. However, things happened and they started to each go their separate way.

go soohee

Go Soo-hee played as the adult version of Kim Jang-mi, the girl who is obsessed with make-up and always wants to do plastic surgery due to her body figure. In the adult days, Jang-mi grows up to be an insurance agent.

Are you curious about what happened with the girls and how they ended up going back together again after several years? Well then, you can watch Sunny and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed with the actresses’ amazing acting skills, including Go Soo-hee!

Go Soo-hee in Love + Sling

love + sling

Moving on to the next movie that Go Soo-hee has starred in, this time we are going to talk about Love + Sling that was aired in May 2018.

The main character of Love + Sling is Gui-bo.

Gui-bo is a former wrestler. He won a lot of championships back in his golden days. But now, he is just a single father who uses his hands and body to do chores. Gui-bo lives with his rebel son, Sung-woong, who is also becoming a wrestler. Beside Sung-woong, Gui-bo also lives with his mother who always nags him.

Gui-bo runs an aerobic class and a wrestling class. There, he meets Ga-young, a young woman who admires him since he was still a pro wrestler.

Go Soo-hee portrayed one of the aerobic attendees in Gui-bo’s aerobic class.

You can see a bit of her clip in the trailer.

If you search for a light movie, you will definitely like Love + Sling. Instead of exposing the romance, this movie is more about finding the true meaning of themselves and the meaning of family between the single father and the son.

Go Soo-hee in Tazza the Hidden Card


The next Go Soo-hee’s movie that we’re going to talk about is Tazza: the Hidden Card.

This movie tells the story of Dae-gil, the guy who came from a small town. Dae-gil falls in love with a girl named Mi-na. He was a poor guy until he then leaves for the big city. Dae-gil promises to come back and become rich, but he works in a casino and starts his gambling life.

There, Dae-gil meets President Woo and becomes her lover.

But things don’t always work well for Dae-gil. When he thought President Woo helps him in gambling, in fact, she was using him and making him poor.

Dae-gil wants to take revenge. He suddenly meets Mi-na and together they are willing to take revenge.

Go Soo-hee portrayed Madam Song, one of the gamblers in the casino.

go soohee

If you’re interested in the synopsis, don’t bother to watch the whole movie. T.O.P from Big Bang played really well as Dae-gil. His chemistry with Shin Se-kyung is great too.

Don’t forget, Go Soo-hee also took part in making this movie interesting to watch!

Go Soo-hee in My First Client

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The next Go Soo-hee’s movie that we’re going to discuss is My First Client. This movie tells a story about Jung-yeop, a young lawyer who handled a case of a child murderer.

At first, Jung-yeop gets confused because the murderer of the case was reported to be Da-bin, the sister, while the victim is her little brother, Min-joon. It doesn’t make sense to him because both of them are still little kids.

Jung-yeob then investigated the case and it turned out that their step-mother is abusive. She abused them and even murdered the son, Min-joon, and set up Da-bin to be blamed.

Go Soo-hee played as Mi-ae, the sister of Jung-yeop who lived with him. Jung-yeop was once an unsuccessful lawyer who didn’t have any cases at the beginning of the movie. But Mi-ae pushed him to search for a job in a youth welfare center where Jung-yeop finally meets Da-bin.

go soohee

As the title said, this case is Jung-yeop’s first case, but it turned out to be a hurtful case. Will they win the case and justice will apply? Or is the law going to betray the innocent Da-bin? Let’s see the movie to find out!

Go Soo-hee in Themselves

go soohee

Another heartwarming movie that Go Soo-hee starred in is Themselves. The movie talked about three desperate people, a blind guy named Tae-sung, a pregnant woman named Jin-hee, and a boxer named Soo-hee.

All three of them have their own burden on their back. Tae-sung, who is blind, is not willing to have surgery and runs away by traveling alone.

However, he meets Jin-hee, the pregnant girlfriend who can’t say a word to her boyfriend about her pregnancy.

And then there’s Soo-hee who jumped to the car and almost committed suicide because of her insecurity and how she secretly has a crush on her coach.

Go Soo-hee portrayed the boxer Soo-hee. Funny that her character’s name is the same as her name.

If you want to know more about this movie, don’t hesitate to watch it!