Actress Go Min-si: Full Profile, Debut, and Appearances in Movies and Dramas

Drama – Secret Boutique (2019)

go min-si actress

Secret Boutique aired on SBS in September 2019. This thriller drama tells the story of the struggles of several women for strength, power, revenge, and survival. Aside from Go Min-si, this drama stars several famous names such as Kim Sun-ah, Chang Mi-hee, Park Hee-bon, Kim Jae-young, and Kim Tae-hoon. The story centers around Jenny Jang (Kim Sun-a), who developed a secret and complicated connection with the political and business player on top of being the owner of a normal-looking clothing store called J-Boutique.

go min-si actress

In the drama, Go Min-si plays Lee Hyun-ji, a Korean baduk or traditional chess player. Hyun-ji’s mother is a policeman who was killed while handling a case. Therefore, she agreed to team up with Jenny Jang (Kim Sun-a) to avenge his mother’s death. Her impressive expression and the character’s portrayal made her become the new Korean rising actress since this appearance.

go min-si actress

She also acted alongside actor Kim Jae-young where their characters became romantically involved. Check out their overwhelming chemistry in the video below!

Drama – Sweet Home (Netflix, 2020)

go min-si actress

Sweet Home is one of the most anticipated 2020 Korean series produced by Netflix because it was adapted from a popular webtoon of the same name. The webtoon version is created by Kim Kan-bi and Hwang Young-chan, masters of the thriller genre. Since its release in 2017, this webtoon has been read 1.2 billion times globally.

Finally, the long-awaited drama was released by Netflix on December 18, 2020. This Korean drama thriller is adapted from Webtoon and tells a high school student named Cha Hyun-soo (Song Kang) who moves into a small apartment after his family dies in a car accident. Following his move, a strange phenomenon occurred, which turned humans into monsters.

The residents of the apartment then unite to fight the monster. Besides Song Kang, the drama also stars Lee Jin-wook, Lee Do-hyun, and Lee Si-young, and Go Min-si as supporting characters.

Go Min-si herself plays the role of Eun-yoo Lee, a stubborn teenager. In the early stages of the drama, Eun-yoo is cynical and passive in everything. Still, eventually, she overcomes her fears and fights against monsters in a tense disaster situation and grows up. Go Min-si’s portrayal of the character really reflected the strength of Eun-yoo, who fights monsters fearlessly.

You can watch this drama on Netflix.


Go Min-si’s Appearances on Thunder’s Music Video

go min-si actress

When Go Min-si was just starting in the South Korean entertainment industry in 2016, she made a surprise appearance in the MV for “Sign,” a collaborative song between MBLAQ’s former rapper Thunder and KARA’s former member, Goo Hara.

In the music video, Go Min-si radiated various charms and attracted the public’s hot interest, similar to the attention that she was getting from Thunder himself in the MV. KKK~


Go Min-si’s Friendship with EXO’s Suho

go min-si actress

In December 2019, Go Min-si surprised EXO-L by posting several photos of the gift that she gets from EXO’s leader on her Instagram account. EXO‘s Suho had sent a special cart of coffee and snacks to the set where Go Min-si’s drama, Sweet Home, was filming.

The banner hanging from the vehicle reads, “I support actress Go Min Si and the drama Sweet Home -EXO Suho (Kim Jun-myeon). Sweet Home actors and staff, please enjoy it.”

The actress thanked the gesture by publishing 4 photos of the gift on her Instagram account, thus taking her followers by surprise. In one of the images, Go Min-si even appears making a bow of thanks, in addition to the caption on her post:

“ “Thank you, Junmyeon orabeoni. We gained strength for the filming. I am cheering on EXO too (feat. SM x Mystic).”

Even though they were just close friends, their friendship made many fans jealous and surprised. The closeness between Go Min Si and Suho surprised fans because the two have never been seen together before this. The images also quickly flooded Twitter, where the EXO-L wonders how close the actress is to Suho.

It was then revealed that the drama itself, Sweet Home is a collaborative production between SM Entertainment (which manages EXO) and Mystic,  the actor management company that manages Go Min-si.


Go Min-si’s 2021’s Drama with Lee Do-hyun

go min-si actress

In 2021, Lee Do-hyun and Go Min-si will be working together on a new romantic drama project. On October 6, 2020, it was reported that the actor and actress had been offered the lead roles in the KBS drama Youth of May, which is a drama about two young people who are dragged into the Gwangju Uprising that took place in May 1980.

In the drama, Lee Do-hyun would be playing the role of Hwang Hee-tae, a troublemaker and rebellious student. But even so, he turned out to be really smart by proving to earn top grades and even entered the Seoul National University College of Medicine even when a single mother only raises him. Little did he know, he would be going through the most struggling May. Meanwhile, Go Min-si would play a nursing student named Kim Myung-hee, who lives alone in Gwangju. She is independent, smart, and hardworking, despite her cool demeanor.

Lee Do Hyun’s agency Yue Hua Entertainment released a statement saying, “Lee Do Hyun has been offered a role in the new drama ‘Youth of May,’ and he is currently reviewing it.”.

Meanwhile, Go Min-si’s rep said, “She is positively reviewing the offer to appear in the new drama ‘Youth of May.’”

Youth of May is set to air in the spring of 2021 and will have 12 episodes in total.

Wow, we are very excited to see the collaboration between the two!

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the profile and journey of Korean rising actress, Go Min-si! We are very sure that she will make her name more known in the future. What about you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!