Go Joon-hee: Profile and Fashion Style

go jun hee

The Talented and Beautiful Actress, Go Joon-hee

If you have been a Korean drama fan from 2007, you will definitely know the talented actress, Go Joon-Hee. Some actresses started their acting career since they were very young and Go Joon-Hee is one of them. Go Joon-Hee gained even more popularity after her role in the famous Korean drama “She Was Pretty” in 2015.

Let’s find out more about Go Joon-hee!

Full Profile of Actress Go Joon-hee

Stage Name : Go Joon-hee

Birth name : Kim Eun Joo

Birth Date : August 31, 1985

Age : 32 years old

Birth Place : Seoul, South Korea

Height : 173 cm

Weight : 50 kg

Blood Type : A type

Zodiac Sign : Virgo

Last Education : Kyung Hee University, majoring Theater and Film

Current Agency : YG Entertainment

Previous Agency : J. Wide Company (2011 – 2016)

Actress Go Joon-hee’s Career Path


Go Joon-Hee started in the entertainment industry since she was in high school. Go Joon-Hee debuted as a model for school uniform back then in 2001. Two years later, she started her acting career. Her career path wasn’t straight and smooth. After being in supporting roles in several films, Go Joon-Hee then succeed in being cast as the lead roles for the film “Drifting Away” and “Yeosu” in 2011.

Go Joon-Hee also got involved in several dramas, such as “Can You Hear My Heart”, “Queen of Ambition”, and the most famous one “She Was Pretty” in 2015. She gained even more popularity ever since she joined the variety show “We Got Married” with the 2AMs’ member Jinwoon. They are known as a very sweet couple.

Complete List of Actress Go Joon-hee’s Films

No. Film Title Year Role
1. “Hansel and Gretel” 2007 Hae Young
2. “Girl Scout” 2008 Kang Eun Ji
3. “Drifting Away” 2011 Dan Bi
4. “Yeosu” 2011 Mi Jin
5. “Doomsday Book” 2012 Kim Yoo Min
6. “Architecture 101” 2012 Eun Chae
7. “Marriage Blue” 2013 Yi Ra
8. “Red Carpet” 2014 Jung Eun Soo
9. “Intimate Enemies” 2015 Na Mi

Complete List of Actress Go Joon-hee’s Dramas

No. Drama Title Year Role
1. “Breathless” 2003 Jo Young Ji
2. “Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy” 2005 Kim Sun Ah
3. “Dasepo Naughty Girl” 2006 Girl with Poverty on her back
4. MBC Best Theater “That Guy” 2006 Lee Hyun Joo
5. “What’s up Fox” 2006 Go Joon Hee
6. “Crazy in Love” 2007 Jo Min Hee
7. “Robber” 2008 Young Sook (cameo in ep. 1)
8. “General Hospital 2” 2008 Kang Min Soo
9. “The Slave Hunters” 2010 Jeni
10. “Can You Hear My Heart?” 2011 Kang Min Soo
11. “Twelve Men in a Year” 2012 Park Tan Ya
12. “The Chaser” 2012 Seo Ji Won
13. “Queen of Ambition” 2013 Seok Soo Jung
14. “She Was Pretty” 2015 Min Ha Ri
15. “Untouchable” 2017 Goo Ja Kyung

Complete List of Actress Go Jun Hee’s Variety Show

No. Variety Show Title Role Year Network
1. “X-Man : Pattaya Special” Cast Member 2005 SBS
2. “Interview Game” Host 208 SBS
3. “Fox’s Butler” Cast Member 2010 MBC
4. “Style Magazine” Host 2011 OnStyle
5. “We Got Married Season 4” Cast Member (wife of 2AM’s Jinwoon) 2013 MBC