Everything About G.NA: Profile, Plastic Surgery, and More!

The Romantic and Idol

On episodes 12 and 13 of TVN’s “The Romantic & Idol”, singer G.NA received zero votes from male participants.

In the previous episode, G.NA has shown interest in FT Islnd’s Jong Hoon, when Jong Hoon was hesitant to choose between Yae Won Jewerly and G.NA. During the interview, Jong Hoon revealed, “G.NA is very good for me like a sister. I always feel comfortable around her.”

During the final election, all male participants decided not to vote for G.NA. Jong Hoon, in the end, chose Yae Won.

After realizing she had not received a vote, G.NA shed tears and stated, “This program is very cruel. Actually, I expect this result, but I still feel strange. I am crying. I am very happy that I have met such a good friend, so I don’t understand why I’m crying.”

For the full episodes of G.NA in Romantic and Idol, you can watch in these videos:

Departure from Cube

Solo artist G.NA parted ways with Cube Entertainment. On March 1, a representative from Cube stated, “G.NA’s contract with Cube ended last year. Because we had worked together for so long, after honest talks, we had made a joint decision to part with good feelings.

Not long after that, rumors about Cube artists involved in prostitution scandals have been confirmed correctly, according to various media sources. A solo female artist who recently left Cube Entertainment was involved in a prostitution scandal, according to Korean media sites. However, NewDaily left more clues by identifying her as a “glamorous and sexy artist who debuted in 2010” and that she was identified as artist C.

After much speculation about the clues and the fact that the name of the Korean artist G.NA was Choi, fans flooded G.NA’s Instagram, asking for answers directly from her. Korean media outlet The Fact released an exclusive report on the recent prostitution scandal entitled “The Rumors Are True! Famous C Woman Artist Called For Investigation Regarding Prostitution Scandal. ”

The artist was recently called in for an investigation by the police for allegedly being paid around 35,000,000 Won ($ 30,000 USD) for sexual relations with a successful Korean-American businessman and CEO, identified as M Choi, who owns a business located in Los Angeles. This was made possible through the CEO of the entertainment agency identified as Kang and an employee identified as Park, who was also involved in the prostitution scandal in 2013, with actress and former Miss Korea Sung Hyun runner-up Ah.

The Fact included in their report, “Through our investigation and reporting, the true identity of artist C that has been the center of public attention has been confirmed to the media.”  “As if artist C planned it before, she arrived 50 minutes late knowing that most of the prosecutor’s office employees would not work at that time.

Translation from the Fact report:

– March 15, 19:40: two workers from the prosecutor’s office waiting at the entrance are only permitted to employees.

-Maret 15, 19:50: A black van enters and drops artist C, a male lawyer, and a driver (or manager) in the basement of the Seoul Prosecutor’s office.

– Wearing black jumpers, t-shirts, hats and masks, female artist C follows the attorney’s office employees while lowering her head and being aware of the surrounding environment.

In addition to artist C, L-identified actress, the actress identified as C and two unknown trainees were also involved in the prostitution scandal. During the investigation last year, singer C was even photographed going to the prosecutor’s office in March last year after she was summoned as a suspect in the scandal.

In an interview with Ilgan Sports, the singer acknowledged all charges. “I admit all the charges during the investigation. However, not because I claimed to sell my body. It’s just that the action I took was legally considered prostitution. Therefore, I decided not to take a long legal battle,” she said.

She denied that she was a prostitute. “I’m not a prostitute. I don’t need to sell my body or want to sell my body for the amount listed as billed. However, I was fooled like an idiot by a broker who I thought was my friend, and I became someone who sold sex,” the singer added.

She stated, “However, I was told by a friend (who later became a broker) that he would lend me money during my difficult times and I took it, and then was told that I did not have to pay it back since difficult times. He then told me that someone who really liked and asked to meet him like a blind date, and I accepted it easily. Then, I learned that he had paid the broker to meet me. ”

The singer said she had never directly received money from her employers. “I never did it. As anyone can do, I have met someone as a blind date and met him later with good intentions. I never considered him ‘prostitution’, and the problem is that during my difficult times, I only trust someone with too easy. “Of course, that is not to say that I am completely innocent. I am stupid. I am stupid and make unwise choices. I am sorry and very sorry to my fans and family,” she said.

Plastic Surgery

G.NA denied rumors of plastic surgery – especially those focusing on her chest. With extraordinary vocals like those of this talented artist, people will expect all the attention to go to their singing abilities, especially since some artists have recently received heat for lip syncing. However, instead of focusing on her ability to sing, her body actually became the focus of Korean media and netizens. With what the Korean press calls a “glamorous body” for Asians, G.NA is said to be 169 cm tall with a waist of 25 inches. In addition, G.NA broke the stereotypical image of a flat-chested Asian woman with a chest offering a D cup defeat! Lee Hyori and Son Dambi’s sexy diiva should be careful of this new girl! Being a simple type, G.NA stated, “Because I want to receive attention for my singing rather than my body, I’m wearing clothes that won’t make a ‘glamorous body’ problem. I tried pressing my chest with a black top and I deliberately put my clothes loose so as not to draw too much attention to my body. When I tried to hide my chest with my clothes, it made my whole body look weird, creating a bad effect. ”

When G.NA sang and danced for her debut, I’ll Retreat So You Can Live Better, her natural curves became very clear. However great her disappointment, after broadcasting her appearance, there was a lot of suspicion about whether she had plastic surgery – in other words, breast implants. In response, G.NA commented, “[After rumors began], I heard that even people around me began to wonder if I had plastic surgery on my chest. Before my debut, I lost some weight. Even though some parts were slimming, my chest wasn’t get anything. I think this is the reason why people experience this misunderstanding … I have never had plastic surgery. My upper half as a whole has a glamorous figure.

In addition, G.NA’s company has expressed their concern for the attention that has been directed at her body, more than her voice. One of the company officials said, “From now on, G.NA won’t be forced to wear clothes that hide her thick breasts. Although we believe that her sexy appeal should be hidden, it’s not easy to hide and also doesn’t seem right … Because G.NA releases its burden on her chest, we believe that she will be able to show more singing and dancing skills.

Instagram Posts

G.NA’s official Instagram is @missginachoi87. It has 1272 posts, 324 followings, and more than 366 thousand followers. After her scandal, G.NA has very rarely updated her Instagram. These are her last 10 posts.

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Latest News

K-pop singer G.NA (real name Gina Jane Choi) has posted letters to fans on Instagram more than a year after she was dragged into rumors of prostitution. G.NA was the subject of many rumors last year for her alleged involvement in prostitution. The singer left Cube Entertainment in March of last year, and the Korean media began reporting about a singer suspected of being involved in prostitution.

Reports said that singer C, who left her agency, was charged with prostitution after she met a Korean businessman in Los Angeles and was paid USD $33,300. In her post, G.NA wrote, “Wow … It’s been more than a year. Thank you very much for everyone who has stood by my side to this day. Thank you for believing in me … trusting me … not giving up on me … even through all the obstacles, hurts, and endless rumors, ” she says.

She told fans that she would be back soon. “For my G.NI … you mean a lot to me and I just want to say I miss you so much. I think of you every day. I promise … the journey is not over for us” We will soon reunite and start a new start together. I love you, miss you, and thank you again for being there for me. ” G.NA’s latest Instagram post came 19 months after she posted in February. 2016.