Everything About Former Big Hit and Source Music Girl Group, GLAM: Profile, Discography, Controversies, Disbandment, and Much More!

Past Controversies and Disbandment

Member Controversies

One of the members, Trinity, was discovered to be a former sasaeng (stalker) fan of Super Junior’s Leeteuk until shortly before her debut with GLAM. She pretended to be the CEO’s daughter or one of the producer’s daughter to try and meet him. Later, on December 31, 2012, Big Hit Entertainment announced that Trinity was leaving the group, just before their upcoming comeback. Big Hit also stated that GLAM would continue as a four-member group. They stated that she left due to personal reasons, but it was also said that she had no desire to be a celebrity. However, people assumed that it was actually due to her alleged stalking past.

On September 2, 2014, actor Lee Byung-hun made a report at Gangnam Police Station claiming that two women were blackmailing him using a compromising video which shows the actor talking about inappropriate things to the two women. The two people were later identified as GLAM’s Da-hee and model Lee Ji-yeon. The authorities then issued a warrant, officially arresting Da-hee on September 3rd, 2014. From then on, Da-hee submitted multiple written statements reflecting on her actions and asked for leniency.

By January of 2015, the case found Da-hee guilty of attempted threat. During the first trial in January of that year, she was sentenced by the Justice Department to a year of imprisonment, and Lee Ji-yeon was sentenced to a year and two months. When she appealed, the court re-sentenced her to a year of imprisonment and two years of probation. She ended up getting out on a $20,000 USD bail, made possible because Lee Byung Hun didn’t want harsh punishment. Lee Byung-hun dropped the charges and released Da-hee before leaving for the U.S. on March 20, 2015.

Quoted from Soompi, The Department of Justice said, “[The two women] are guilty of their charges. However, neither of them have criminal records and the situation did not carry through. The video was not released to the public, and the crime was not carefully contemplated, nor did it seem like they appreciated the gravity of their actions. However, even if [Lee Byung-hun] had made inappropriate sexual jokes during a meeting with alcohol involved, they filmed the interaction secretly and threatened him for money. This caused emotional distress to the victim and with the unconfirmed, one-sided statements, the victim suffered significantly from public criticism. Lee Ji-yeon was in a relationship with the victim, and caused even more damage by claiming that she was the victim of sexual harassment.

They added, “Although the defendants submitted letters of apology, they did not show their sincerity in apologizing for their behavior in their relationship with the victim. Because that counts against them, it is impossible to avoid imprisonment. The victim, as a celebrity, is a man with a family, but engaged in sexual jokes and expressed his interest in them, who are much younger women. It is important to consider their ages and circumstances in the assessment.

According to police, Lee Ji-yeon and Da-hee met Lee Byung-hun through a mutual friend, and after showing Lee Byung-hun a part of an inappropriate video, they demanded five billion won.


Just after the news of Da-hee being sentenced to a year in prison for blackmail came out, the agency revealed that GLAM had disbanded. With this, GLAM, who debuted in 2012, was leaving their legacy of three years behind and the members would be going their separate ways. It seems that GLAM’s disbandment was heavily influenced by member Da-hee.

Quoted from allkpop, in January 2015 a music insider told TV Daily, “GLAM’s contract with their agencies, Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music, expired towards the end of last year. The members decided to go their separate ways.” Another representative told the media outlet, “It’s likely that Da-hee’s incident had something to do with their disbandment. It would’ve made it difficult for the group to continue with their promotions.”

In response, Big Hit Entertainment issued a brief response to the media, revealing that the report was true. On January 15, the agency revealed, GLAM’s contracts recently expired and the team was disbanded”. It’s been said there were a few members who had time left with the agency, but had asked for the termination of their contracts, which the agency granted. They added, “The members didn’t talk to us about what they will do afterwards.

Big Hit also stated, “With one of the members involved in a legal controversy, the agency no longer finds it possible to keep this group going and decided to release the members as requested.”

Member’s Latest Individual Activity

Ji-yeon is now a soloist under KQ Entertainment, using the name Lucy. She debuted solo on January 22, 2017, with the single B-Day, featuring Kisum. On the survival show Produce48, she recorded the demo version of the song Rumor for the trainees.

Zinni is now a longboarder under the name of Jiny Kim and has won a lot of awards. She sometimes uploads a video of her longboarding to her Youtube channel.

After disbanding, Da-hee decided to become a BJ (Broadcast Jockey) in AfreecaTV. After announcing the news on her social media, she had her first broadcast appearance in four years in May, 2018, with a new moniker, Kim Si-won.


During the broadcast, she said, “I have been working in part-time jobs and as a fitting model. I wanted to sing so badly. I decided to become a BJ after much thought. I ask for your interest and support.”

Despite her attempt to revamp her career, netizens have been giving her the cold shoulder with comments such as “Wasn’t she a criminal? Afreeca TV should ban criminals from broadcasting” and “She should apologize to Glam members for the damage.”  Some netizens also mentioned that because of her past scandal, Big Hit was left with a lot of debt and BTS had to work day and night to make up for it.

Meanwhile, Trinity now has her own clothing line, called Vivid Yoon. This member, who celebrated her birthday last February, is also very active in her personal Instagram account.

It seems that a few years after the group’s disbandment, the members are still enjoying their lives in their own ways. Let’s continue supporting all of them and hope that we can see more of the individual activities of the members soon!