Main Rapper of Aespa, Giselle: Profile, Pre Debut, Plastic Surgery, a Japanese or Half-Korean?

Giselle as Aespa’s Main Rapper

Being the main rapper of Aespa makes Giselle’s image to be fierce and sharp. If you only see their performance as a group, you may lose focus because other members are also charming too. And you will get back to focusing on Giselle when she gets her part.

Well, don’t worry, some music shows have posted a fan-cam of Giselle in every performance of Aespa, so we can see not only her rapping, but also her dancing skills!

Here are some of Giselle’s performances in music shows!

Now we can really focus on Giselle by looking at her fan-cam! What do you think of Giselle’s performance? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section!

Not a long time after releasing their first single, Aespa were invited to join the SM TOWN Live Culture Humanity, the concert of every SM Entertainment artist. Let’s see how Aespa prepared for the show!

SM Entertainment shared content where we can learn more about Giselle’s favorite or TMI (too much information). Let’s see the video right here!

What do you think of Giselle’s English and Korean? She’s fluent in both languages. She’s really a precious human being!

Giselle’s Plastic Surgery Rumor

Being a K-pop idol can often be linked with some negative rumors. One of the popular rumors that are always linked with idols involves their pre-debut photos. People are often comparing photos of every idol from their pre-debut days to the after-debut days.

Giselle may have had the shortest trainee period compared to other Aespa members. So, what did she look like when she was still in Tokyo?

Here are some pre-debut photos of Giselle.

So, what’s the connection between pre-debut photos and bad rumors? Well, the thing is, when the photos of the idol’s pre-debut days are different from what they are right now, people usually assume that the idol must have undergone plastic surgery.

As for Giselle, it looks like her face and style didn’t really change. That could be because her trainee period was not that long, so she still looks the same as before.

Also, it’s normal for every trainee to undergo a facial treatment, in order to have flawless and glowing skin. Maybe that’s the reason there are slight differences in the pre-debut and post-debut photos of Giselle; however, there are very few, if at all.

But what do you think about Giselle’s pre-debut photos? Hmm, let’s hear what you think in the comment section below!

Giselle’s Controversy: Underage Drinking, Drugs?

Another bad rumor linked to Giselle surfaced at the time Aespa made their debut. In November 2020, there was a post in an online community that saying Giselle was deleting her “dirty past.”

The “dirty past” that the post referred to is underage drinking, cigarettes, and even drugs!

Following the rumor, the person who made the post sent pictures of a girl who they claimed to be Giselle surrounded by a lot of people that were blurred. The girl is doing a censored swear hand gesture.

Thankfully, SM Entertainment clarified the rumor saying that they will take legal action against people who spread false rumors involving their artists.

What do you think of this rumor? Do you think that it’s really Giselle? Whatever it is, the rumor is really cruel. Hopefully, Giselle’s image will still be clear despite this bad rumor. Share your thoughts in the comment section!


That’s all the info that we have gathered for you about Giselle. Have you fallen for her charm already? Not only a talented rapper that can also sing, but she also can speak three languages fluently. Giselle is indeed full of talents! Which of her charms do you like the most? Please, kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!