Check Out Girls’ Generation’s Hilarious Moments in ‘Running Man’!

Girls’ Generation Moments in Running Man 2017

Girls’ Generation members were guests of Running Man again in 2017, during Episode 363. In this episode, they played games that involved dancing, arm wrestling, and many other activities. One of the game missions was to avoid the “Bad Girls” which was indeed very interesting and funny.

In the beginning, they played some games to simply team up with the cast members of Running Man. Every Running Man member had his own terms under which he would choose a partner, such as Haha, who wanted his partner to be the person who is the most flexible.

Girls’ Generation Moments in Running Man 2019

In 2019, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona appeared as a guest in Running Man Episode 460. This episode was part of the promotion of Yoona’s movie EXIT.

This episode’s mission was to find the exit door, however, there are five doors and each one must be used only by one member. Every door has its own criteria in order to get out.

In this episode, Kwangsoo realized that Yoona had the card which he needed, so he decided to look for Yoona for his target. Yoona also realized that she was in danger, so she avoided Kwangsoo, but in the end, Kwangsoo successfully tore her name tag and found the card he wanted to use from Yoona. Song Ji Hyu was coming through on his way, he warned him to not make Yoona as his target. Then, Kwangsoo used the card and found the exit door, thus avoiding punishment.

Here are some photos of Yoona during the shooting of this Running Man episode.

That’s everything about Girls’ Generation members’ guest appearances in Running Man. This show demonstrated their interactions like in their daily life, SNSD or Girls’ Generation member make such a cute, funny, and unified team. Cheering for them all the way! Don’t forget to kindly leave a comment and share your thoughts in the section below! 🙂