Here Are Girl’s Day’s Hyeri’s Transformations Throughout Time


In 2014, Girl’s Day made a comeback with their new album Everyday #3. Everyday #3 is the fourth mini-album of the group and it was released on January 3rd, 2014. The album consists of five songs, including the title track “Something,” used as the title track of the album.


“Something” is the lead track of Girl’s Day’s fourth mini-album Everyday #3. Through the album, the girls came back with an even sexier concept. Double Sidekick worked on all four songs featured in their mini-album.

This song tells the story of a girl who is suspicious of her boyfriend. She knows that her boyfriend is hiding something because he is always lying. She also catches her partner cheating.

In the music video of “Something” Girl’s Day show a sexy concept and seductive dancing wearing sexy dresses.

The song got rid of the electric sound most dance songs have, and it has more of a hip-hop groove and acoustic instrument sounds that allow people to listen to Girl’s Day voices even more.


On July 7th, 2015, South Korean girl group Girl’s Day released their new album Love. It is the second full-length studio album of Girl’s Day. The album consists of fourteen songs, including the title track “Ring My Bell.”

Ring My Bell

Five years after their debut, Girl’s Day returned to the South Korean music industry on July 7th, 2015, with their second full-length album LOVE.

Girl’s Day’s music video for “Ring My Bell” is more of a dance version, as all the scenes that are shown in the video are just simple sets to showcase the dance choreography Girl’s Day members perform. Although most of the video sets are simple there are two sets that have been elaborately decorated. The first scene is designed to look like a casino with slot machines in the background, with a DJ booth at the forefront of the scene. The second scene is designed to look like a stone building that has been ruined by time. The other scenes that contain props are the four scenes used for individual scenes for the four members of Girl’s Day.

“Ring My Bell” starts with a refreshing harmonica loop, followed by Western movie-like sounds, and is topped with Girl’s Day cute, bubbly, and girly charms. The funky dance beats, along with the catchy hook melody, express the feeling a girl gets when she falls in love with someone, comparing the heart-pounding to bells ringing.


After being 20 months on hiatus, Girl’s Day returned with the new album Everyday 5! released on March 27th, 2017. The album consists of seven tracks and Sojin, Yura, and Minah were involved in writing lyrics for every song on the album, except for “I’ll Be Yours.” They again partner up with hitmaker Ryan Jhun for the first time in seven years.

I’ll be yours

Girl’s Day’s Everyday #5 is their seventh extended play. It was released on March 27th, 2017, and “I’ll Be Yours” was released as the title track of the album.

The title track, “I’ll Be Yours,” starts out with honking horns and a vaguely jazzy style, but the pounding beats quickly distinguish it as modern. This is a very strong title track, and contains Minah’s powerhouse vocals.

In the music video, Hyeri can be seen in boxing gloves, struggling to stay standing at the edge of a ring where two combatants square off. Minah is in a hallway. Sojin is at a barbershop. And Yura plays a smoking piano.