Get All Information About Girl’s Day’s Yura from Her Profile to Dating Rumors!

Is Girl’s Day’s Yura Dating?

Long before her popularity soared off with Girl’s Day, Yura has stated that she likes someone who is attentive, has a humor sense, and truly likes her, as well as mentioned that Lee Seung-gi is her ideal type. In March 2018, Yura talked in an interview with media outlets Sports Chosun and MBN regarding her dating life, adding the statement about her ideal type in the past, “I like men who are sweet, adoring, loving, expressive, and generous. I treat bad people badly. My personality is like a mirror. If someone is bad to me, then I will be bad to them and if someone is kind to me, then I will be good to them, so I need to meet someone like that”. In addition, Yura firmly said that she will try her best to hide while dating, “I will only publicly date with the person whom I am going to get married to”.

Yura was also asked about being the only Girl’s Day member without dating news, which she replied in a matter-of-fact tone that she did not go outside very often as she tends to be cautious, hence her bland relationship rumor. Even so, Yura does not hide the fact that she is comfortable with male celebrities whom she works with: “Dojoon oppa was very playful, that’s why we were able to become close fast. I also talk to Yoon Si-yoon oppa whom I met as a partner on 1 Night and 2 Days. He has a great passion for acting so he monitored Radio Romance several times for me. Both of us love to chat. He is really one of the celebrities that I have gotten close to lately”.

Are You Curious About Girl’s Day’s Yura’s Net Worth and House?

Despite having a lower ranking than her fellow Girl’s Day member Hyeri, Yura is actually considered rich among the members. In May 2017, Girl’s Day appeared in tvN’s Taxi and discussed the wealth ranking among them. Girl’s Day’s leader Sojin stated, “Yura is good at increasing her wealth because of her investment in real estate”. Yura revealed that she has indeed bought a small building that makes her able to grow her earnings.

In the same year, Yura exposed the inside of her apartment. Apparently, the building which she lives with her dog priced at approximately KRW 1.5 billion won. Many netizens think that since Yura originally came from a wealthy family, she is indeed able to own such a luxurious place. On the other hand, other netizens wonder that if Girl’s Day is able to possess buildings, other more famous girl groups such as SNSD and 2NE1 must be able to afford more luxurious properties. Here, you can check out Yura’s sumptuous apartment below!

Girl’s Day’s Yura’s Hot Bikini Pictures

Dubbed as an idol with the perfect figure, Girl’s Day’s Yura actually has her complex as well. In an interview with media outlet BNT, Yura said that her body is not perfect like what most people believe her as, and she has a short waist and fat arms. Even so, it does not stop Yura to feel proud about her body. In 2017, Yura shoots sexy pictorials in the bikini and minimal swimsuit for the popular brand swimwear ‘SWIB’. Here, you can check some of the pictures below!

Not only through official photoshoots, but Yura also exposed the bikini look in her personal time as she once uploaded two pictures during her leisure time in a swimming pool. In spite of her wet hair and her covered body in the water, don’t you agree that Yura still looks gorgeous?