Get All Information About Girl’s Day’s Yura from Her Profile to Dating Rumors!

Girl’s Day’s Yura and Hong Jong-hyun’s We Got Married

In 2014, it was revealed that Girl’s Day’s Yura will join the line-up for MBC’s We Got Married with model-turned-actor Hong Jong-hyun. They were in the show for 40 episodes, approximately for 9 months. In July 2014, Yura talked to the media outlet, Joy News 24, about her virtual marriage, “It was awkward when we started but we became a lot more comfortable and closer with each other through couple games and water sports in the lake”. Despite known as an unapproachable guy, Yura did not feel that way when she talked to Hong Jong-hyun, “It feels like I am in a public relationship with him”.

Yura also shared the bucket list of activities that she wants to do with her virtual husband, “I want to go on an overseas vacation, try horseback riding, and go to a zoo. During winter, I also want to go snowboarding”.

In January 2015, a controversial video surfaced in the internet forum as Hong Jong-hyun looked cold toward Yura when they just arrived in Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport. At that time, the couple came for their photo shoot. Many fans were disappointed because Hong Jong-hyun was also involved in a dating rumor with After School’s Nana which has been denied by his agency.

Even so, the viewers made a petition to urge Yura and Hong Jong-hyun to leave We Got Married, as well as expressing their dissatisfaction toward Hong Jong-hyun and pity toward Yura, “He saved Yura’s name in his phone as ‘Kim Ah Young’ ??? not even Yura but just simple and cold ‘Kim Ah Young’ ;;;;;”, “Not only that but whenever Yura reacts loudly to something or shows aegyo, he often looks at her like “What’s wrong with her?” It embarrasses me as a viewer and I cannot imagine how Yura feels being the recipient of such expressions. It might be scripted but why would scriptwriters make him out to be such a grouch?”, and “Yura is always the only one excited, laughing, smiling, and she does everything for their segment of the show… Scripted or not, he’s being paid to be on the show so why can’t he show some respect and work hard too? It is honestly embarrassing having to watch scenes like this”.

The producer of We Got Married Yoon Soon-hye soon clarified the misunderstanding behind the footage of Yura and Hong Jong-hyun in Bali, “We did plan to shoot at the airport but the authorities did not let us do so. In the filming site, they (Yura and Hong Jong-hyun) often joke around”.

In July 2015, Yura revealed in SBS PowerFM’s Kim Chang-yeol’s Old School that she is still in contact with Hong Jong-hyun even though they have left We Got Married, “ When there is a movie premiering event, he would ask me to come and watch. When we (Girl’s Day) made a comeback, he also visited our waiting room with a cake”.

During her appearance in Tasty Road, Yura was also asked about Hong Jong-hyun by actress Song Yoon-ah who is the friend of Kim Min-jung, her co-host in the show. The question was very sudden that Yura was not able to reply and many viewers found it funny. Well, do you think that Yura and Hong Jong-hyun are a good pair, dear readers?