Get All Information About Girl’s Day’s Yura from Her Profile to Dating Rumors!

Yura, The Charming Visual of Girl’s Day

Despite unofficially considered as the best-looking member in her group, Girl’s Day’s Yura remains down-to-earth as she works her best every time she appears in public events and variety shows. Hence, the public calls her as a perfect female celebrity who is not only pretty but also has a pleasant personality. In internet forums, the entries often compare a celebrity to one another and Yura is not the exception. Even though she was often compared with more famous stars, Yura is able to hold her place because many netizens pick her, saying that they prefer Yura because of her lovable traits.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Girl’s Day’s Yura, starting by her personal profile, fun facts, the list of her drama, films, television shows, her plastic surgery, her WGM appearance with Hong Jong-hyun, her dating news, her net worth, house, her fantastic body in bikini, her fashion style, and her Instagram feed. So, keep reading!

Girl’s Day Yura’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Kim Ah Young

Stage Name: Yura

Date of Birth: Ulsan, South Korea, 6 November 1992

Nationality: South Korean

Blood Type: O

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Chinese Astrology: Monkey

Education: Ulsan Art High School, Dongduk Women’s University

Language: Korean, English

Hobbies: Painting, dancing, and listening to music

Talent Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment (2011 – current)

Twitter: @Girls_Day_Yura

Instagram: @yura_936

Girl’s Day’s Yura’s Age, Height, and Weight

As has been explained in her personal profile earlier, Girl’s Day’s Yura was born in 1992. According to the Korean Age System, 2018 Yura’s age is 27 years old in 2018 and according to the International Age System, Yura is 26 years old. Besides Yura, there are other Korean female and male idols who were born in 1992 as well, such as INFINITE’s L, Lovelyz’s Babysoul, former SISTAR’s member Soyou, WINNER’s Seunghoon, f(x)’s Amber, and EXO’s Chen. On the other hand, Yura is considered as a tall and slender girl as her height is 170 cm, whereas her weight is 51 kg.

Girl’s Day’s Yura’s Fun Facts
  • Yura used to be a ballerina, as well as an ulzzang (pretty face on the internet).
  • Yura was auditioned as Girl’s Day member after being a cast on a website
  • Yura described her personality as cheerful, lively and positive. She once could not stop holding her loud laugh when she appeared in MBC every1’s Weekly Idol.
  • Yura has a well-balanced body shape and outstanding dance skill.
  • Yura is famous for having insurance for her legs. Apparently, Yura’s legs are valued of KRW 500,000,000 or $449,000
  • Yura is a gamer. She really likes to play computer games.
  • Yura’s favorite number is 7.
  • Despite having a banging body, Yura said that she dislikes diet the most.
  • Yura once said in 2016 that the top 3 girl group body is AOA’s Seolhyun, Hyuna, and herself.
  • Yura has a bad habit of shaking her leg.
  • Yura likes to listen to a quiet melodied piano-accompaniment song.
  • Yura’s favorite movie genre is action or thriller.
  • Yura said that her unfortunate day is signified by the pimples on the important days once in a while.
  • Yura said that fur is necessary for her usual fashion style.
  • Yura often goes to a convenience store.
  • Yura’s favorite food is meat. She even dreamed to be a worker of a meat restaurant due to her love for meat.
  • Sometimes, Yura’s Ulsan accent comes out.
  • Yura has pets. She used to have a cat and dog but in the current time, she only has a dog.
  • Yura is very skillful in art. She often shows off her skill, especially in oil painting.
  • Yura is able to not blink her eyes for 2 minutes.
  • Yura’s favorite color is strawberry milk color.
  • Yura once had a diary but it got lost. One of the entries described how she met Hyeri for the first time.
  • Yura takes care of her skin well.
  • Yura has a cousin who is a rapper.
  • Yura’s favorite motto is ‘this too shall pass’.

List of Girl’s Day’s Yura’s Drama, Films, and TV Shows

Known for her outgoing personality, it is not a wonder that many producers are interested to invite and hire Girl’s Day’s Yura for their variety shows. In addition, Yura’s acting skill is quite decent as she took offers as the main role in many dramas. In recent years, we are able to see Yura’s grow as the host of shows, making her as an all-rounder entertainer in South Korea’s entertainment industry. Here, you may check the list of Girl’s Day’s Yura’s drama, films, and variety show below!

2010 – MBC I Trusted Him (as Guest Role)

2010 – SBS Star King (as Guest Cast)

2010 – MBC We Are Dating (as Regular Cast)

2011 – I Believed in Men (Guest Role as Herself)

2012 – Sohu TV The Secret Angel (Main Role as Yu-bi)

2012 – KBS Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook (as Guest Cast on episode 163, 221, and 236)

2012 – SBS To the Beautiful You (Supporting Role as Lee Eun-young)

2012 – SBS Running Man (as Guest Cast on episode 263 and 322)

2013 – MBC Every1 Reckless Family 3 (Main Role as Park Yoo-ra)

2013 – KBS2 Family (Guest Role as Woo Bong on episode 11)

2013 – MB Every1 Weekly Idol (as Guest Cast on episode 18, 74, 105, 134, and 210)

2013 – KBS2 The Clinic for Married Couples: Love and War 2 (Main Role as Yoo-jung)

2014 – SBS Plus Be Arrogant (Main Role as Hong Ha-ra)

2014–2015 – MBC We Got Married (as Regular Cast with actor and model Hong Jong-hyun from episode 91 – 131)

2014-2016, 2018 – MBC Idol Star Athletic Championship (as Regular Cast and Host)

2015 – jTBC Off to School (as Guest Cast on episode 40 – 43)

2015 – SBS K-pop Star 4 (as Host with Jun Hyun-moo)

2015 – MBC King of Mask Singer (as Panelist on episode 1)

2015 – MBC Music and TV Zone Super Idol!

2016 – KBS Joy 5th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards (as Host with Super Junior’s Leeteuk)

2016 – O’live Tasty Road (as Regular Cast with actress Kim Min-jung)

2016 – tvN Iron Lady (Supporting Role as Jenny)

2016 – Flower Crew Season1 (as Guest Cast)

2016 – jTBC Abnormal Summit Season 2 (as Guest Cast on episode 143)

2016 – tvN After The Play Ends / After The Show Ends (Main Role as Yura)

2017 – MBC Living Together in Empty Room (as Guest Cast on episode 4 – 8 and episode 19 – 21)

2017 – jTBC Hip Hop Teacher (Main Role as Kim Yoo-bin)

2017 – KBS New Yang Nam Show (as Guest on episode 8)

2017 – tvN Life Bar Season 2 (as Host with Shin Dong-yup, Kim Jun-hyun, and Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul)

2017 – KBS 1 Night and 2 Days (as Guest Cast on episode 193 – 195)

2017 – KBS Beauty Bible 2017  (as Host with actress Han Hye-jin and Im Soo-hyang)

2017 – KBS2 Battle Trip (as Special MC from episode 54 – 57)

2017–present – ZHTV Weekly China Now (as Host with Kim Il-jung)

2018 – 2018 Miss Korea Pageant (as Host)

2018 – KBS2 Radio Romance (Main Role as Jin Tae-ri)

2018 – MBC Every1 Ocean Police (as Regular Cast)

Did Girl’s Day’s Yura Do Plastic Surgery?

Being a country with futuristic technology, South Korea is also famous for its plastic surgery. From the mere fillers and transplant to heavy procedures, you are able to find them in the beauty clinics around Gangnam area. Girl’s Day’s Yura is suspected to be one of the people who fixed her facial features through plastic surgery. Is it true? Let’s compare her pictures below.


As you can see, Yura’s facial features such as eyes and nose have been changed due to the knife of the plastic surgeon. Her eyes used to be small and asymmetrical whereas her nose used to be flat. However, thanks to the help of plastic surgery, these features turned into an ideal shape and complements Yura’s face.