Girl’s Day’s So-jin: Dating News with Eddy Kim and Her Latest News


Meet Girl’s Day’s Leader, So-jin

Girl’s Day is a South Korean girl-group that debuted in 2010 under Dream T Entertainment. The group currently consists of four members, namely Min-ah, So-jin, Yu-ra, and Hye-ri. If you wonder who the leader is, that would be So-jin. Let’s get to know her better!

So-jin’s Profile and Facts

girls day sojin

Name: Park So-jin

Stage name: So-jin

Date of birth: May 21st, 1986

Height: 167 cm

Weight: –

Instagram: @ssozi_sojin

Here are some fun facts about Sojin:

  1. Sojin was born in Daegu, South Korea.
  2. She was educated at Yeungnam University.
  3. At her university, she studied mechanical engineering.
  4. She is good at playing the piano and calligraphy.
  5. She was a vocal trainer for the group Ulala Session before she made her debut.
  6. Sojin composed some of Girl’s Day’s songs, such as “Telepathy,” “Girl’s Day World,” and “Let’s Go.”
  7. Her hobbies are cleaning, browsing videos on Youtube, shopping, and eating snacks.
  8. Sojin is one of the original members of Girl’s Day who debuted in 2010.
  9. She was rumored to be dating EXO’s D.O.
  10. Soojin likes a thoughtful, but stubborn guy.

Dating News with Eddy Kim

In 2017, So-jin was reported to be dating the popular solo artist, singer Eddy Kim. The couple met when they were filming for the Channel CGV program I Am A Movie Director Too: Youth Movie. Since then, they’ve gotten closer and often hang out together in Eddy’s car or spend time together around So-jin’s house. News also revealed that they shared the same music interest, and that made them even more open to each other.


When the rumor first began spreading, Dream T Entertainment and Mystic Entertainment immediately denied that the two were dating. Dream T Entertainment was the first one to issue a denial, and said that So-jin and Eddy were only close friends. This statement was followed and backed up by Mystic Entertainment, Eddy’s agency.

A few hours after the agencies denied the rumor, So-jin and Eddy came out to confirm their relationship. They admitted that they were dating and the reason why they denied it was that they wanted to be careful and respect each other’s privacy. After some discussion, So-jin and Eddy finally came to an agreement to admit their special relationship to the public. Their sudden confirmation of the relationship stirred many different responses from netizens. Many people said that the reason for their sudden confirmation was because there must be pictures of them in a hotel. However, this is not true.

After being involved in a special relationship for eight months, So-jin and Eddy announced that they’d broken up and parted ways. Dream T Entertainment said that the reason for the breakup was their busy schedules, which left them unable to find time to spend together. Dream T Entertainment also said that further reasons couldn’t be published, due to the couple’s privacy, and they still had a good relationship and support each other as colleagues.

Individual Activity

So-jin and Eddy are both still active. So-jin is currently busy with her personal schedule and recently, in 2018, she got the chance to play in an episode of the drama special Chuseok Day, along with 5urprise’s Gong-myung. The title of the episode was “Essence of Happiness”, and the drama tells the story of Jin-soo’s (Gong-myung) adventure to find 12 happinesses and 1 woman. In his adventure, he meets Jung-soo (Soo-jin) and they go on an adventure together.


So-jin always updates her fans through her Instagram account. Are you following her? Let’s take a look at the ten latest posts on her Instagram!

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Most Recent News

It’s 2019 now, does Girl’s Day have plans for the coming year?

Girl’s Day made a comeback with Everyday #5, which was released last year. The title track of this comeback was “I’ll Be Yours”, which debuted on the Billboard chart at number seven. But DAI5Ys have be patient a while longer, because there’s no news about the group’s comeback this year. Yu-ra, the rapper of the group, stated that they really want to have another comeback, but they have some difficulties due to their hectic personal schedules.

Let’s have a little flashback of their latest comeback. Have you watched and listened to the song? If you haven’t, check out the music video below!

Unfortunately, following Girl’s Day’s contract that about to end,  Dream T Entertainment has released an official statement regarding So-jin’s contract and the group’s future.

Here are their statements:

Hello, this is Dream T Entertainment. We are relaying our official statement regarding the reports related to Girl’s Day today.

Sojin’s exclusive contract with Dream T Entertainment is expiring in February 2019 and the decision to not renew was made.

The remaining members (Yura, Minah, Hyeri) also have contracts expiring this year, so they are in discussion with the company in many ways.

There is no intention to disband Girl’s Day’s group activities. We are seeking ways for the group to do activities together in the future.

We ask for a lot of support so that all of the members can be more active and branch out into diverse activities.

Thank you.

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