How Is Sojin As The Leader of Girls Day?

Girl’s Day’s Eldest Member and Leader: Park Sojin

Every K-Pop group has a leader. Often, the leader is someone who is the oldest. But it does not close the possibility that other members can be the leader. In general, a leader should be mature and charismatic. She needs to be able to handle different situations that are happening to the group or the individuals in the group. Sometimes, someone whose age is in between the oldest and youngest can also be appointed as the leader.

However, the leader of this girl band is slightly more laid back than the requirements. She is witty and adorable, yet attentive. Who is she? She is Girl’s Day Park Sojin!

Who Is Girl’s Day Sojin?

Sojin, born with Park Sojin, is the leader of Girl‘s Day. Sojin has been the leader of the group ever since the group debuted. Her status as the eldest member took her to the leader position. She has been keeping a good eye on the younger ones ever since. Even though this is so, she does not want to call herself a leader. She likes being an observant, rather than a charismatic, ruler. Still, as the oldest, it is already in her calling to become a good leader for fellow members, Yura, Minah, and Hyeri, and the group in general.

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Girl’s Day Sojin’s Profile

Stage Name : Sojin

Name : Park Sojin

Position : Leader and Main Vocalist

Birthplace : Daegu, South Korea

Birth Date : May 21, 1986

Blood Type : AB

Zodiac : Gemini

Height : 167 cm

Weight : 47 kg

Education : Yeungnam University

Major : Mechanical Engineering

Twitter : @Girls_Day_Sojin

Instagram : @ssozi_sojin

Facts: Girl’s Day Sojin As The Leader
  • Sojin got recruited into the group coincidentally after being introduced to a sound engineer.
  • She has always been the original member and leader of Girl’s Day.
  • Towards her members, she is attentive and caring.
  • She can play the piano and compose songs. In fact, Girl’s Day’s “Telepathy”,Girl’s Day World”, “Let’s Go” were composed by her.
  • During her university years, she was one of the only 8 female students in the engineering major.
  • No wonder Sojin knows how to put together a car.
  • She has one younger brother.
  • She likes to knit.
  • She has skills in calligraphy.
  • Her favorite colors are black, white, and purple.
  • Just like everyone else, Sojin likes to browse videos on YouTube.
  • She loves cleaning, snacking, and shopping.
  • Sojin may look cheerful, but she will not hold back any anger that she is feeling.
  • However, she can always try to endure anything that needs to be endured.