From FIESTAR to GWSN, List of Girl Groups We Wish Got More Public Recognition


Hint is a girl group formed by Starpo Entertainment in 2017. They debuted on March 31st, 2017, with the single “TangTangTang.” Before becoming Hint, their group’s name was Turan with members Hyejin, Haesol, Nael, Cherry, then U, Arra, and Sogeum joined and their group name changed to Hint. Not many people know about this group. In May 2018, HINT used the crowdfunding Hallyu website Makestar to fund their next single album. During this time, Sogeum and ByeolA left the group.


APRIL is a girl group formed by DSP Media in 2015. The group consists of six members: Chaekyung, Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, Rachel, and Jinsol. APRIL debuted with the release of the single “Dream Candy.” On October 29th, Hyunjoo announced her official departure from April and focused on her solo career. Then Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, and Jinsol had been confirmed, and by November Chaekyung would be as well.

On January 16th, 2019, April released the single “Oh-E-Oh” (Japanese ver.) In the same month, they released “Magic Dream” for the television drama My Strange Hero. Unfortunately, APRIL is not so widely known to the public that they are trying to increase their popularity.


DIA is a girl group formed by MBK Entertainment in 2015. The seven members are Eunice, Jueun, Huihyeon, Yebin, Chaeyeon, Eunchae, and Somyi. DIA officially debuted on September 17th, 2015, with the lead single “Somehow” from their debut album Do It Amazing. DIA, since its debut is not very well known for its popularity. On March 19th, 2019, DIA released their fifth mini-album titled Newtro. On July 6th, 2019, MBK Entertainment confirmed that Jenny left the group due to health problems with her knee.


GUGUDAN is a girl group formed by JellyFish Entertainment in 2016 and debuted with the release of the EP Act. 1 The Little Mermaid. The group is composed of eight members: Mimi, Hana, Haebin, Nayoung, Sejeong, Sally, Soyee and Mina. A ninth original member, Hyeyeon, departed from the group on October 25th, 2018. Although Nayoung, Sejong, and Mina are former Produce 101 contestants, it has no effect on GUGUDAN’s popularity.


BULLDOK is a girl group of trainees who debuted in October 2016. BULLDOK members are Genie, Sora, Hyun Eun, Say, and Minji. Hyun Eun left the group in May 2017 and Sora left the group in September 2017. They debuted on October 20th, 2016, with the single “Why Not.”


MATILDA is a girl group that debuted in 2016 with the single “Macarena.” MATILDA members are Haena, Dan-A, Semmi, and Saebyeol. Their name is not too famous so it is difficult to increase their popularity. In fact, in 2018 they released the single “Between Fall and Winter,” of which not many knew.


Melody Day is a girl group that debuted in 2012 with their single album Another Parting in February 2014 and with three members: Yeoeun, Chahee, and Yein. The fourth member, Yoomin was added to the group in October 2014. On December 26th, 2018, it was confirmed that all four members decided not to renew their contracts with Cre.ker Entertainment, ultimately, ending the group. Indeed, not many know Melody Day, but their names were sought after releasing the #LOVEME album.