List of K-Pop Girl Group Members Who Have Transformed Into Actresses: From Girl’s Day’s Hyeri To Suzy

Miss A’s Suzy


Bae Su-ji ,or Suzy, was a Miss A member and has had a lot of roles in acting. Her first debut as an actress was in 2011 with Dream High, for which she won Best New Actress awards. She also made her first movie debut in Architecture 101 in 2012.

Before Miss A was disbanded, Suzy had already taken a lot of TV series and movie projects. After the group broke up, Suzy retained her career as a solo singer and actress. Her acting career started becoming huge after her appearances in Uncontrollably Fond and While You Were Sleeping. No wonder that she got a lot of acting awards, when she even sang some of the OST’s in her TV series.


Kim Da-som, or Dasom from SISTAR, has been acting since her first appearance in Family, in 2012. She got her first lead role in 2015, in The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law. She also made her big screen debut with Like a French Film in December, 2015.

Kara’s Seungyeon

Han Seung-yeon, or Seungyeon, is from the girl-group Kara and has also developed an acting career. Her first appearances occurred when she worked as a child actress in Star In My Heart, Summer Showers, and many more!

After Kara was disbanded in 2016, Seungyeon went back to her acting career and appeared in Hello, My Twenties! in 2016, which also made her acting career more recognized by people. Then she moved to Inyeon Entertainment and appeared in About Time and Twelve Nights in 2018.

GIRL’S DAY’s Hyeri

Lee Hye-ri from Girl’s Day also went into acting. She made her first appearance in Tasty Life, in 2012, and had her first lead role in Reply 1998 in 2015. She got another lead role in Entertainer, which led her to win the New Star Award at the 2016 SBS Drama Awards. To focus her acting skill, Hyeri also went to Konkuk University and majored in Film.

GIRL’S Day’s Minah

Bang Min-ah, famously known as Minah, was another Girl’s Day member who also went into acting. Her acting debut was when she appeared in Holly, in 2013, as a ballerina. That role earned her a Rookie Actress Award.

Minah has also featured in a lot of TV series, such as Sweet Savage Family, The Best Future, Baby Faced Beauty, and others, until she got her first lead role in Beautiful Gong Shim. The latest acting project from Minah is My Absolute Boyfriend in 2019.