Gifted Artists: Find Out More About K-pop Idols Who Are Great at Drawing

Drawing is One of These Famous K-Pop Stars’ Talents Which Might Surprise You

Drawing is ultimately a difficult skill to master, because it requires great imagination, creativity, and hand skills. No one can find it easy to draw if they don’t have the talent. Yes, you might be surprised or say, “what, really?” to all these K-pop idols who have great talent in drawing. K-Pop stars are limited to singing and dancing skills, they also do have secret skills that not all people might notice. Are you curious? Let’s get to know some of them on this Channel-Korea below! Keep reading!


G-Dragon is well known in singing and dancing ability. His charisma never fails to draw people in during his performances. Surprisingly, G-Dragon also has drawing skills. He went to IU’s concert at Seoul’s Jamsil Stadium on December 9 and gave her a special gift that showed off his hand creativity to give his thanks for having received presents from IU before.

IU showed this ‘surprise gift’ from the Big Bang member G-Dragon backstage after thanking him for appearing at her show.

Then IU stated that G-Dragon bought her album and took the time to customize the exterior and interior sides of the album. There was even a lacquer coating and stickers on it. It was so pretty. She even wondered if it is okay for her to have this wonderful gift. So cute of her!

G-Dragon replied, “Since I received a gift from IU first, I thought I should do something special for her as well. And her album is ‘Palette,’ so I decided to create something that fit the title.

Moreover, G-Dragon has even worked with popular sneakers brand. He actually shared his personal artwork on the PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Air Force 1 “Para-Noise”.

This sneakers have the iconic K-pop star on a Swoosh collaboration. The unique aspect of the shoes is that if the premium leather is removed, it will reveal G-Dragon’s artwork. This is a way to reflect the artist’s optimistic perception towards art as a medium of self-expression. The vibrant abstractions are meant to convey his view of collective creativity unifying youth around the world. These premium sneakers, The PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Air Force 1 “Para-Noise,” were released on November 23, with a price tag of $200 USD globally.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Not many people know that Seulgi of Red Velvet has hidden talents. She actually has artistic and fashion talents. You must be agree thst she has high-end drawing skills with this kind of picture that she drew. As shown below, she uses a lip tint to draw and color in her drawing. Seulgi not only has an intense artistic skill, but she also has an amazing fashion sense.

Other kind of drawings she made used pointillism. Seulgi showed a picture of Audrey Hepburn which shes created. She wrote on the image with a caption, “It has been a while since I drew. My arm almost fell off. I’ll get to bed now.”

She even created a piece that featured the American actress Natalie Portman in her character as Mathilda Lando from “Leon: The Professional.”  She has proven she has art sense, as revealed by the many pieces drawn in her sketchbook.


Mino is a member of the boy-band Winner, and also has an artistic gift. He could draw illustration of episodes of “Half Moon Friends”. This picture he made shows fellow member Seung Hoon kneeling in front of the girl’s mom to say sorry, and said goodbye to the girl.

Girls Day’s Yura

Yura, who is member of cute girl-band GFriend, has incredible drawing skills with her sharp and highly-detailed imagination. This picture she drew could show how talented she is. She can draw people and scenery very realistically, just by looking at them. Splendid!


Former Member of BIGSTAR, FeelDog

Feeldog, the member of Bigstar, who is also known for having a relationship with former SISTAR member Bora, mentioned that he studied art and even organized an exhibition of his own paintings on one talkshow.

Feeldog stated, “I studied art in middle school and high school. [Afterwards,] I continued to draw here and there, and eventually hosted an exhibition to show my artwork to my fans and others. I even held a second exhibition.

There are many lip prints [in my art]. The meaning behind it is that I wish I could express everything through words. I have portrayed a society in which we can speak freely whether It should feel like a scream.” He then said, “The paintings sold better than I expected.”

He also revealed that when he was dating Bora, he preferred to give what he made by his hands like his drawings, rather than buying a gift. They made with love and his own effort. He explained that he used to give her things like letters and self portraits art.

Looking at his art, Feeldog has an abstract and special style. He absolutely has feelings and creative imagination in art. Superb!

TWICE’s Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung made a drawing for Twice’s music video Happy Happy. Look at how cute her drawing is!

Chaeyoung also showed a drawing of her members from Oppa Thinking. Look at how sweet and lovable her drawing style is!

Moreover, she did design work for the cover for TWICE’s limited edition Page Two album and some concert merchandise. Look at it below! Chaeyoung also designed three different pairs of SPRIS shoes. These drawings of her look so natural and feminine and artful! Beautiful and cute art!

Taeyeon of Girl’s Generation

On the reality show TaeTiSeo, Taeyeon showed her hobby in drawing. Taeyeon is known to be a rather introverted person who prefers spending time at home more than outside. She developed her hobby in drawing or painting.

Her drawings are great and developing each day. Good art, Taeyeon!

Heechul from SUPER JUNIOR

You will be surprised that Heechul from Super Junior also has drawing skills. On an episode of the reality show We Got Married, with his virtual wife Puff, Heechul drew manga-like drawings on the wall. Applause to him, very talented!

That’s all about K-pop idols who are great at drawing. Supporting their hidden talents all the way! Do you have any more suggestions about other K-pop idols who have this talents? Give your comments and share your thoughts below!