GI: Profile, Debut Era, Stage Performances, Disbandment

Stage Performances

They made their debut on Show Champion the same day as their music video and song were released. Their boyish and tough personas are overflowing in each of their performances of the song “Beatles.” The members showed up with colorful short-cut hairstyles and items such as denim jackets and a lot of accessories, displaying their manly look.

Meanwhile for “Doligo Doligo,” the group abandoned all that and opted for a safer look such as a sweater and shorts. The members also wear their hair long and one color.

As you can see and compare, the feel of those two stage performances was totally different. It shows the members’ versatile adaptability in their music skills and stage performances. Although different, both of the performances are still cool and filled with charisma!



In their early debut, the group went on promoting their song and album with a few interviews with Arirang and Yes Asia. In the interviews, the group explained their song’s meaning and what we can expect from their performances.

Check out their interviews, below!


Line-up Changes

After Aram, Hayun, and Oneket left the group, GI added three new members in 2015 and all of them came back with a new approach in the “Doligo Doligo” music video. Sadly, the group’s formation didn’t last long.

One of the members of the original line-up, Eunji, announced her decision to leave the group via a tweet uploaded on March 28th, 2016. She said: “Everyone who loved and supported GI, thank you so much, sincerely… I was so happy. I’ll come back with a new look. Goodbye for just a little.”

Although the group had never publicly declared their disbandment, it was assumed that they had been disbanded within that year since the member Dokyung deleted all her tweets. On top of that, there hasn’t been any discussion regarding the group’s future.

After that, the members went on their separate individual paths, with Heeso re-debuting in a girl group called AGirls in May 2016 and later joining a new girl group HEXE for their “Fallin’ Fallin'” comeback under the stage name Jin in August 2016. She even went on to re-debut again and fill the leader position of the group Various in 2017 before it was disbanded again and recently, she became a member of BLASTAR (under the stage name Jinsil) on July 31st, 2020. She also did the dance choreography for PinkFantasy’s “Fantasy” and “Playing House” and even appeared as a backup dancer in Blackpink’s Jennie’s “Solo.”

Meanwhile, for Dokyung, she re-debuted in the girl group L.U.X on April 12th, 2017, before the group was disbanded and she became one out of a duo called Musky, using the stage name Han.

And finally, the original member AI has opened up a dance school named Rotiple Dance Studio in 2020. She now changed her name to Kim Nayeon. 


Although it’s a sad piece of news that the group had to disband, we’re still glad to see the members are doing okay with their activities. We will continuously support the members’ activities post-GI. What about you? Are you a fan of this group and sad that they had to disband so early on in their career? Let’s chat about the topic in the comment section below!