GI: Profile, Debut Era, Stage Performances, Disbandment

Get To Know The Unique K-pop Girl Group Global Icon/GI!

We are so used to see a K-pop girl group with cutesy, feminine, or even sexy charms. But what about the girl group that leans toward a more ‘boyish’ approach? Meet Global Icon, or often shortened as GI, a five-member girl group under Simtong Entertainment. GI debuted on April 3rd, 2013, with the song “Beatles” consisting of five original members Hayun, Oneket, Eunji, Al, and Aram. On their debut song, the group displayed a more masculine attitude and style, with short hairs and a manly look. The girl group stood out among other girl groups with a more feminine and sexy attitude. During their career, the group underwent several line-up changes, with three members leaving and three new members joining in 2015. Unfortunately, the group had to disband on March 28th, 2016, leaving fans shattered.

Though the group doesn’t exist anymore, they still remain as one of the bold girl groups that bravely pursued a unique persona. So, are you ready to dive deep into the sea of information about this group? If so, let’s scroll down this article below!


Group Profile
  • Group Name: GI (Global Icon)
  • Label: Simtong Entertainment
  • Debut Date: April 3rd, 2013
  • Debut Song: Beatles
  • Members: Eunji, Al, Jinsil, Heeso, and Dokyung
  • Former Members: Aram, Hayun, Oneket
  • Official Site: Simtong Ent
  • Official Facebook: Globalicon5
  • Official Twitter: Global_Icon
  • Official YouTube: simtongent
  • Daum Café: idolgi


Debut Era

The announcement of GI’s debut was released in March 2013, by Simtong Entertainment, who was known for housing boy group Tritops. GI was also the first girl group from Simtong Entertainment.

The rumors of their debut have been going around since the start of the year, so when the company announced the group’s official Twitter account as well as fan café, the group’s debut was pretty much confirmed.

It was stated that GI stands for Global Icon. One of its members, Eunji, had already made an appearance in the music video recording of Tritops’ “Love Addiction” as the female lead.

The group revealed its image teasers on March 20th, 2013. The group was said to be a fresh concept among other usual girl groups. They took a more boyish approach in their debut. The company representative stated:

We’re going to be different from the cute and sexy girl groups that come out almost once every week with our music and style. You can look forward to them.

Along with this announcement, the agency released a music video teaser for two rappers, OneKet and AI, followed by a video teaser for singers Eunhi, Hayun, and Haram.

The group then released their music video teaser for their debut single, “Beatles,” which was released on April 3rd, 2013.

The music video then was released on the same day as the song. It had gathered much attention with the MV garnered 1.6 million views. Many people were saying that the group was unique and stood out among other girl groups. They also said that the group was unique and gained a lot of support from the international community.

Below are some of the fans’ comments taken from the comment section on their YouTube video:

“The group that debuted in the wrong era. Were they active now they would be way more successful than they were back then. They would definitely be a fan favorite in the LGBTQ community.”

“I’m convinced that South Korean audiences just don’t want to see female groups using any other concept besides cutesy girly or sex kitten. Anytime a female group debuts with a concept that doesn’t follow either one of those, they almost never last more than a year. G.I. and D-Unit were two of the first Korean girl groups I’d seen in a long time with not only unique, non-provocative concepts, but the members could actually dance and did intricate choreography, but sure enough, they ended up losing the spotlight to girl groups who quite frankly all look the same to me. It’s a shame.”

“GI was the original badass bomb :(”

“I always wanted a full hip hop girl group in K-pop, and then there finally was one (GI) but they aren’t even popular! They should be taking the K-pop scene by storm, they are so good! It sucks :(”

“This is the kind of girl group I want in K-pop! These girls are everything and I hope we get to hear so much more from them because this was so good!”

“This will forever be the sexiest concept of K-pop,”

“I think this will always be one of my favorite K-pop girl group concepts. It was different and bold. K-pop is now overflowing with so many ‘cutesy’ and ‘sexy’ concepts that I kinda wish more girl groups would embrace this type of image.”

Take a look at their MV, below!


Music Videos

GI have only released two music videos: “Beatles” (2013) and “Doligo Doligo” (2015).

Their first music video gathered much attention due to the group’s unique nature and heavy hip-hop as the background. It was their most viewed MV yet with more than 1.6 million views. Although it only became popular later on, not in the year the group actually debuted.

Since the group’s line-up changes after Aram, Hayun, and Oneket left, the group re-launched their concept with a more feminine and sexy approach, with Eunji, Ai, Jinsil, Heeso, and Dokyung as the new line-up. Now, the group’s concept looked a lot like other usual girl groups.

The MV and the song were pretty standard, with the group displaying their sexy hip-hop style with the group introducing themselves as ‘the new Global Icon’. The MV has been watched almost 400k times.

The MV didn’t collect as much attention as their previous song. The comment sections are different than their previous one and filled with people complaining about their new approach. Many netizens, in the comment section, said that they missed the group’s old and unique concept:

“This is not the Global Icon I knew and loved.”

“Now they’re just like any other average K-pop group. When they had the tomboy concept they were so unique and amazing :/”

“Whyyyy 😒 they used to be different from another girl group now they’re doings sexual concept Ugghh I’m so mad,”

The first concept was so good! I used to have a GI fanbase and stuff I mean I was really into it, always searching new information about them. I remember before their debuts I already had Oneket’s pre-debut videos and MV where she was a dancer. Idk I used to feel comfortable cause at that time I was very boyish, short hair and stuff, seeing them having the same style as me among all these girl groups with long hair, super feminine and stuff was kinda… Reassuring? And I was so happy I could finally identify myself with them. (sorry for the English) And tried but I really can’t like the “new global icon”. I think Simtong really lost something. That’s not the same thing now. I miss Ai, I miss Aram, I miss Oneket, I miss Hayun, I miss Eunji all TOGETHER. They could’ve been famous, for real. And Oneket was an amazing vocalist and rapper she had such a voice. Have you ever listened to their life at Arirang radio? It makes me so sad. I really loved this group and I can’t get over the disband. I just can’t. This is way too different.”

“I tried to be open-minded but this is trash. GI used to have good music and amazing choreography. Now, you’ve turned them into a generic group with a lazy and overdone concept. There is nothing that makes this group different from all the others. Just change the name and leave the Global Icon’s legacy as a quality group alone.”