(G)I-DLE’s Minnie: Profile, Facts, Family, Plastic Surgery, etc.

Minnie’s Performance in Mnet’s Queendom

Minnie got a chance to perform in the variety show Queendom on Mnet. Queendom shows the different concepts of girl groups and allowed Minnie to get a chance to collaborate with Hyejeong from AOA. The show is about performing a show that gets feedback regarding the talent and rating the abilities of idols based on the performance.

Their performance managed to steal the viewers’ hearts where they presented a harmonized voice and well-blended chemistry while performing on the stage. Behind the scene, they revealed that their partnership in this reality show was a blessing in disguise, something like destiny to be mates together. At first, they were the ‘leftover’ members of unit performances but ended up making a remarkable partner performance that stunned the viewers.

Collaboration With YouTuber Wengie


Among Minnie’s collaborations is one with Wengie, the Australian YouTuber. Minnie and Wengie get to produce “EMPIRE” which was released on October 18th and posted on the YouTube Channel.

Check out their beautiful art piece in the music video below:

Wengie is an Australian with Chinese descent, her YouTube Channel is mostly about “how-to and style” and promoting “do it by yourself.” Among the Chinese audience, she is quite popular and has millions of views on her YouTube channel.

Moreover, she is also competing in the same reality show as Minnie, namely Queendom on Mnet.

Minnie—The Multilingual Queen

Minnie has been known as a multilingual queen because she can speak Thai, English, Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin.

Look at the videos below that are undeniable proof of her extraordinary talent in speaking languages. She can easily adapt and learn new languages like a Queen!

In the group, Minnie becomes the English speaker, and the other members often rely on her in English interview sessions. Their debut in other countries also made her learn new languages adding yet another talent. Besides, she comes from Thailand, she has proven that she has adapted and has shown multiple talents.

Minnie’s Solo Discography



Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
KOR KOR Hot US World
As featured artist
“Hot Summer”
(Line Friends feat. Minnie)
2017 N/A Dance Party! – Children’s English Songs
“Morning Sunrise”
(LINE FRIENDS feat. Minnie)
“Dinosaur Song (Herbivore Ver.)”
(LINE FRIENDS feat. Minnie)
“The Brush Brush Song”
(LINE FRIENDS feat. Minnie)
“Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow”
(LINE FRIENDS feat. Minnie)
“Clap Concert”
(LINE FRIENDS feat. Minnie)
(Wengie feat. Minnie)
2019 22 EMPIRE


Music Videos

Year Music video Album Director(s)
2019 “Empire”
(With Wengie)
Empire Choi Hyo-bin (GRAVITAS)


Minnie in Five Actors


Minnie and her fellow members from (G)I-DLE got to appear in the MBN variety show Five Actors with Heechul from Super Junior on April 8th, 2019.

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Plastic Surgery


South Korea is a country known for the focus on physical appearances, which are sadly, oftentimes considered as number one. According to some sources, plastic surgery is a common occurrence in South Korea. However, looking at Minnie pre debut and now, with no make-up, we can see no difference at all. Above are photos of Minnie before debut.

You can compare them with the picture below. Minnie looks beautiful both with and without make-up.



That’s all about Minnie from (G)I-DLE: her activities prior to debuting and to this day. Keep supporting Minnie in her music project. Don’t forget to kindly leave a comment and share your thoughts in the section below!