GFriend’s Manager is So Handsome That Fans Mistook Him For an Idol!

Details About GFriend’s Handsome Manager

The role of the managers of K-Pop Idols/Groups is working on behalf of the groups/idols to promote their careers and run their business affairs. A manager should know all about the artist’s schedule and handle the idols’ or groups’ activities. They are hired by the company to negotiate their contracts and fees, find and book events and venues, advise on career decisions, help them with career decisions, such as which record producer to work with, or which songs to perform, and manage media relations on their behalf. They also have to take care of their artists’ needs. Normally, idols or groups have close relationships with their managers.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a run-through of everything about GFriend’s handsome manager. So, stay tuned!

The Handsome Manager’s Identity

Stunning visuals are the norm for K-Pop idols. Usually, it is idols who have the most attractive appearance that steals the attention of fans. However, this does not apply to the group GFriend where the manager is the one who stole the spotlight. This is none other than the manager who has an amazing appearance and visual.

This man, who was spotted with GFriend and is thought to be their manager, caught the public’s attention with his handsome face and attractive appearance. People really think that he looks just like a K-Pop idol.

The manager’s name is Park Soon-bin. He studied Art design at Auckland University of Technology. He works as an overseas development manager of Official Hallyu Entertainment for K-Pop groups.

However, he actually is not GFriend’s personal manager, but a tour manager who works with K-Pop groups. He has posted on his personal Instagram account to clear up the misunderstanding.

Instagram Feed

Park Soon-bin has a huge number of followers on his personal Instagram account.

He often posts his photos with a stylish appearance.

Other Handsome Managers of K-Pop Artists

Managers are always appearing next to idols and work behind the scenes to take care of the idols. But sometimes, managers also can make fans fascinated. They even take the spotlight of idols and even have their own fansite. Although good looking is not a requirement for a manager, looking at this manager will make people fall for him.

This handsome guy is Apink’s manager. His name is Park Hyun-soo. It is known that Hyun-soo has worked as Apink’s manager for a long time and he is very close to the members.

BTS’ Manager
ARMY really love BTS’ manager, almost as much as the members do. Over the years, he has formed close ties with BTS, and he can often be seen guarding the boys at events.
BTS’ manager’s name is Sejin. He is really handsome and tall. He always accompanies members wherever they go. He has been accompanying BTS since the “Boy In Luv” era. He stole ARMY’s hearts with his handsome looks and tall body.

IU’s Manager

There are times where IU’s manager is gaining more attention than IU. He got famous for his tall stature and for being very attractive. His name is Park Jung-hyun and is better known as Chipmunk manager. On May 17th, 2014, Chipmunk was the number one trend in Daum, while IU was in second place. He is so cute and endearing to fans with his good looks.
Chipmunk manager really looks like an actor. Many fans have said that he looks like actor Ji-sung in the picture below (with IU)!

SNSD’s Manager

SM Entertainment is an agency that is well-known for its idols and managers with extraordinary visuals. For instance, SNSD’s manager who has a handsome face and stylish appearance. In the photo above, he appeared with a shirt and sunglasses and his appearance melted many fans’ hearts. No wonder the are romance rumors circulating about the manager and SNSD members.

EXO’s Manager

It is really hard to stand out among EXO members who all have very handsome visuals. But Seung-hwan, EXO’s manager, can steal fans’ hearts with his good looking appearance. He also has a lot of fans.

Got7’s Manager

In 2015, GOT7’s manager caught the attention of GOT7 fans with his attractive appearance. Many fans thought that he is a new member of GOT7 and joked that GOT7 is becoming GOT8 because they think the manager fits the standard of being an idol more than being a manager. He even has his own fansite.

His appearance impressed people from the first time and he is very suitable to be an idol in this photo.

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