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GFRIEND’s Comeback Information

GFRIEND is a South Korean girl group consisting of 6 members from Source Music Entertainment. The group made their debut on January 16th, 2015, with the perfect song and an amazing synchronized group dance. The public is always anxious for GFRIEND’s next comeback because of their unique concept and memorable songs in every comeback. Let’s find out GFRIEND’s latest updates here.


GFRIEND’s Latest Comeback

GFriend - Time for the moon night

GFRIEND last made a comeback in the Korean music scene on April 30th, 2018, with the song “Time for a moon night.” The album with the same title contains a total of 8 songs. The concept of the album was more dreamy than the previous comeback. According to GFRIEND’s Umji, the group wants to set a new direction toward producing thought-provoking and sentimental music in the future.

GFRIEND released their first Japan single on October 10th, 2018, under King Records. Just like in the previous Korean comeback, GFRIEND’s songs were more sentimental and their music video was like storytelling. However, GFRIEND’s synchronized dancing never ceases to amaze worldwide.


GFRIEND’s Next Comeback

GFriend next comeback 2019

GFRIEND had their comeback in the new year on January 14th, 2019. GFRIEND’s agency, Source Music Entertainment started to share a lot of comeback spoilers, such as teasers, photo concepts, album tracklist, and a lot more since December 24th, 2018. Here is a photo of GFRIEND’s comeback announcement.

GFRIEND comeback 1

On December 25th, 2018, GFRIEND shared the tracklist of their second album Time for Us, with the title track “Sunrise,” which was composed by No Joo-hwan and Lee Won-jong, who were also the composers of “Time for the Moon Night.” On the same day, GFRIEND also revealed the daybreak version of the concept photos for Sowon and Eunha.

GFRIEND comeback 2
GFRIEND comeback 4
GFRIEND comeback 3
GFRIEND comeback 6
GFRIEND comeback 5

On December 27th, 2018, GFRIEND released their new “Daybreak” concept photos for SinB, Yerin, Umji, and Yuju. In the “Daybreak” concept, all members of GFRIEND look like goddesses.

GFRIEND comeback 9
GFRIEND comeback 10
GFRIEND comeback 8
GFRIEND comeback 7

On December 28th, 2018, GFRIEND released a gorgeous set of group concept photos for the “Daybreak” version.

GFRIEND comeback 11

Between December 29th, and December 30th, 2018, GFRIEND shared a lyrics teaser for several songs from the album Time For Us. Those songs are “You Are Not Alone,” “Glow,” and “L.U.V,” on the 29th, while “Our Secret,” “Only 1,” and “Truly Love” on the 30th.

GFRIEND Lyric Poster 2019 1
GFRIEND Lyric Poster 2019 2

On December 31th, 2018, GFRIEND revealed the first glimpse of the cover of the album Time For Us. There were three versions of the album cover, with “Daybreak” as the only version revealed beforehand.

GFRIEND Album Packaging 2019

On January 1st, 2019, GFRIEND shared a moving poster for the album Time For Us on Twitter.

Starting from January 2nd to January 5th, 2019, GFRIEND shared another version of teaser photos. Different from the first version, the second version concept shows them like beautiful princesses. GFRIEND also revealed their first music video teaser for the song “Sunrise” along with a group photo on January 5th, 2019.

GFRIEND comeback 14
GFRIEND comeback 13
GFRIEND comeback 12
GFRIEND comeback 15

Starting from January 7th to January 10th, 2019, GFRIEND shared their last version of teaser photos. With a dark and charming concept, GFRIEND members show their different sides through individual and group photo teasers.

GFRIEND comeback 16
GFRIEND comeback 17
GFRIEND comeback 18
GFRIEND comeback 19

On January 12th, 2019, GFRIEND shared their new music video teaser. Along with this new teaser, there were two more music video teasers, like GFRIEND’s previous comeback in Japan with Memoria.

From all the hints given up to now, GFRIEND has shown that the concept will contain sentimental lyrics, music, and story. With the same producer from Time for the moon night in 2018, it will have the same vibe for this comeback. If GFRIEND maintain this kind of concept, they will be the first female idol group to have a continual story in their music videos, just like the boy band BTS from Bighit Entertainment.


GFRIEND’s Latest News

GFriend latest news

GFRIEND has successfully made their comeback on January 14th, 2019. They also joined the line-up of MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championship Chinese New Year Special” because of flu.