GFriend’s Umji: Her Transformation From Pre-debut Till Now and Diet Tips

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Let’s Get Acquainted More Closely With the Cutest Maknae of GFriend – Umji

Kim Ye-won was born in the Incheon Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea, on August 19th, 1998. She is better known by her stage name Umji. She is a singer of the Flag of the South Korea Republic of Korea. She is better known as a member of the South Korean girl group, GFriend.

Umji debuted as a member of the GFriend group in early 2015 with the song “Glass Bead.” Unlike other GFriend members, she made her debut without any previous career experience.

On October 5th, 2016, she was diagnosed with a leg injury and was temporarily dismissed from her activities. According to the doctor who handled it, she could recover immediately after taking some time off. On November 19th, 2016, she returned to being active again by participating in the 2016 Melon Music Awards.

Umjii’s Transformation


Pre-debut Era


It looks like G-Friend’s Umji has been a cutie as long as anyone can remember.


This is Umji’s photo from when she was in Junior High School.


Umji with Gfriend’s Leader, Sowon.


Umji appears very adorable in this photo.


She’s looking so cute in this photo, she looks like a baby.

Debut (2015)

MIJ Miner8

Umji appears adorable with chubby cheeks and bangs.

MIJ Miner8

She’s going to attend a live music program.


She fills the Shopping King Louie soundtrack.

Now (2016-2019)


Umji while attending a fan signing event for Gfriend’s latest album.

Umji while attending a music program for Gfriend’s album promotion.


Umji for Gfriend 2018 concert poster.


Gfriend Umji 2019 SEASON’S GREETINGS.

Sexy and More Mature Looks

Koogle TV
Koogle TV

Umji’s Weight Loss and Diet Tips

After Successfully Losing Weight, GFriend’s Umji is Praised for Being More Beautiful


During this time, GFriend’s Umji received quite a number of negative comments from the netters. The youngest member of GFriend was often bullied by nasty comments because she was considered to be not as beautiful as the other members.

But the netters in one of the posts published on this online community site seem to have a different view. The post contains a new photo of Umji taken from a series of music shows M Countdown! on Thursday, September 3rd.

According to netizens, Umji looks more beautiful in the comeback period of the song “Fingertip” this time. Reportedly, the owner of Kim Ye-won’s full name has been on a strict diet and managed to lose as much as 5 kg.

“But seriously, she is more beautiful. Today when I saw it on M Countdown!, she was really beautiful,” commented a netter. “This is why I was immediately amazed when I saw it,” another netter said. “She’s really pretty, but she’s getting more beautiful after being thinner,” said another.

Meanwhile, GFriend made a new comeback with a new mini-album titled The Awakening with the main song, “Fingertip.” The group, consisting of 6 members, started the promotion on M Countdown! on Thursday, September 3rd.

GFriend’s Umji reveals dorm life and daily diet on ‘Yogoba Life’

GFriend‘s Umji will be revealing her home and daily diet in the July 29th episode of SBS MTV‘s Yogoba Life.

Umji will be taking viewers through the G-Friend dorm and show them her diet secrets. During filming, she revealed her special go-to salad as well as the ingredients that she can’t live without. Umji also said that she routinely exercised and did not consume carbohydrates at all.

She also shared how she stretches and exercises at home, and it’s expected that her methods will especially relate to those in their teens.