GFriend’s Fashion, Style, and Airport Outfits


GFriend as a Fashion Icon

As a girl group that is included in the third generation of K-pop’s entertainment industry, it is more than to be expected that GFriend, who is famous for their 99.99% accurate in dancing even in double speed, also started trending in a variety of aspects including fashion. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea compiled the general fashion airport style of GFriend, the personal fashion styles of six members of GFriend, namely Sowon, Yerin, Yuju, Eunha, SinB, and Umji, and their fashion ranking. So, keep reading!

GFriend’s Fashion Style

Before we get to know about GFriend members’ personal styles, it is better to know about GFriend’s fashion style for their album photoshoots. The picture above is GFriend’s pictorial shot for Season of Glass, the first mini-album for their debut on January 15, 2015. All six members of GFriend are ready for the gym by wearing the red mini-pants paired with various styles of a white top, including the sweatshirt (Sowon, SinB, and Umji), long shirt (Yuju), short shirt (Yerin), and quarter-sleeve shirt (Eunha). Although confusing, almost all GFriend members’ hair is styled similar to each other, such as Sowon, Eunha, and SinB who let their long hair fall to their shoulders and Yerin and Yuju who have fringes on their forehead.

Contrary to the basic photoshoot of their debut release, GFriend shot the pictorial shot of their second mini-album Flower Bud outdoors, including by a pond and on a savannah. In the upper picture, all GFriend members are wearing a white tank top dress, whereas their hair is styled differently, such as Sowon who ties her hair with a ribbon, Eunha who has long straight hair, Yerin who ties half of her hair with a ribbon and has bangs on her forehead, SinB who wears a white headband on the top of her head, Umji who curls her hair slightly, and Yuju who has bangs and slight curls in her hair. In addition, three members of GFriend, namely Sowon, Eunha, and Yerin, also wear a white cotton bracelet on their right hands.

In the lower picture, GFriend is hanging out with their drinking jar while wearing a matching white and dark blue sailor top, dark blue shorts, and white sneakers. Just like in the upper picture, all GFriend members have different hairstyles which luckily differentiate them from each other, such as Sowon who ties her long hair in a ponytail, Eunha who wears a hair clip on the left side of her hair, Yerin who ties her hair in a bun and has bangs, SinB who ties her hair and has side-swept bangs, Umji who has slight curls in her hair, and Yuju who has bangs and long hair.

GFriend finally did a uniform concept which seems like a must for general K-pop girl groups for their third mini-album Snowflake which was released on January 25, 2016. Three members of GFriend, namely SinB, Eunha, and Sowon, wear the same set of white shirt, grey sweater, dark blue-and-green checkered pleated skirt, long black socks, and black brogues. What differentiates three of them are the ties and ribbons on their collar and the sleeves of their sweater. As for the other GFriend members, they wear considerably different tops for the uniform concept, such as Yuju who wears a dark blue vest and dark blue, red, and white striped tie on the collar, Yerin who is draped in a grey sweater with a white polka dot pattern and black bow on the collar, and Umji who is draped in a grey sweater with white stripes on the sleeves. Just like Season of Glass, in this album, all GFriend members did not tie their hair. Lastly, only Yuju and Umji have fringes on their forehead.

GFriend came back with the youthful concept for their first full album LOL on July 11, 2016. In the upper picture, GFriend members wear short skirts in different colors, short white socks, and black flat shoes. Besides Yerin who wears the trendy skirt pants and Sowon who wears the asymmetrical skirt, the rest of GFriend’s members wear the short accordion skirt in various colors. In addition, people could tell the members of GFriend apart thanks to the hairstyle diversity, such like Umji who has apple hair, Eunha who has bangs and who drastically cut her hair to be the bob style, Yerin who has side-swept bangs and wears a red hair clip on the left side of her hair, SinB who cut her hair short, Yuju who has bangs and two plaits, and Sowon who ties a part of her hair highly.

In the lower picture, GFriend’s members cheerfully pose the signature mark of Navillera in the rollerblade while wearing short pants and tops in a variety of styles, such as two-colored striped shirts (Sowon and Umji), plain-colored shirts with vertical stripes in the middle (Yerin and SinB), half-long sleeve shirt (Eunha), and jacket (Yuju). Besides SinB and Eunha who relatively have the same hairstyle like in the upper picture, the rest of GFriend’s members have different hairstyles, such as Yuju who has long brown hair with bangs, Sowon who has long straight hair with a pink hair clip on the left side of her hair, Yerin who has bangs with her long hair, and Umji who lets her long hair fall to her torso.

GFriend experimented with the concept of army women for their fourth mini-album titled The Awakening. All the members wore A-Line skirts with army patterns whereas their tops differ in either sweater shirt (Yerin and Yuju), the white shirt which is paired with the green blazer (Sowon and Eunha), and long blouse (SinB and Umji). In addition, GFriend members’ change in hair color and style is obviously seen by Sowon who dyes her long hair red, Yerin who dyes her long hair blonde, Yuju who dyes her long hair dark brown, Eunha who dyes her short hair dark brown, SinB who has the brown and grey ombre long hair, and Umji who dyes her long and slightly curly hair light brown.

In the lower picture, all GFriend members smile widely in the uniform concept which consists of a long white shirt, black tube skirt, long black socks, and black ties with the white circle in the middle. As for the hairstyle, all members have the same hairstyle like in the upper picture except Yerin whose back part of her blonde hair is tied highly while the side parts face the front and Umji whose curls on her long light brown hair appear in a more obvious way.

GFriend came back with another lively concept for their fifth mini-album titled Parallel. In the upper picture, all Gfriend members wear short denim pants and various kinds of the tops, such as tank tops (Sowon, Eunha, Yerin, and Yuju) and short shirts (Umji and SinB). As for the accessories, only Eunha wears a straw hat while SinB holds it with both of her hands. Their hair color varies in either black or dark brown shades. Lastly, in the lower picture, GFriend members gather while wearing an overall dress in various colors (SinB, Yerin, Yuju, and Sowon) and a short blouse paired with denim short pants (Eunha and Umji).

GFriend shot the pictorial shots for the repackage of their fifth mini-album titled Rainbow by looking more mature in their feminine concept. In the upper picture, the members either wear a dress in various colors (Yerin, Yuju, and Sowon), overall denim dresses with an inner shirt (SinB and Eunha), or tank tops paired with denim pants (Umji). On the other hand, the white dress in quarter-sleeves became the ‘uniform’ of GFriend members on the lower picture while their hairstyles varied from short black hair (Eunha), black hair in pigtails (Yerin), tied hair with bangs (Yuju) or without bangs (SinB), and long hair with the crown styled either in a sweep (Sowon) or braided (Umji).

Get Inspired by GFriend’s Fashion Airport

When it comes to fashion airport, all GFriend members noticeably have similar tastes in dress. Because of their young age, GFriend members almost always wear short skirts or shorts with shirts, long coats, jackets, or other kinds of outerwear paired with an inner shirt. As for their shoes, GFriend members usually wear sneakers, sandals, or platform shoes. Lastly, GFriend members rarely wear accessories like jewelry, headbands, or hats, but when they do, the whole appearance looks balanced and properly styled.