GFriend Members’ Ideal Type, and Dating Rumors


Are you GFriend Members’ Ideal Type?

GFriend is one of South Korea’s girl groups. They debuted on January 16, 2015 under Source Music. After releasing their first album “Season of Glass”, they showed the power of their group, as they won many female rookie awards in 2015, even though they debuted from a small agency. GFriend has captured many hearts, not only with their great talents but also their beautiful faces. All 6 members, Yerin, Eunha, Umji, Yuju, SinB, and Sowon became the ideal type of all Buddy’s (GFriend’s fans), who dream of being their boyfriends, so let’s find out about GFriends’ ideal types, and who they are rumored to be dating.

Complete Criteria of GFriend’s Ideal Type


Each member of GFriend has a different style as well as different idea of their ideal type of characteristics and appearance. Here, we will provide compilations of GFriend members’ ideal type, so stay tuned!

1. GFriend Member Yerin’s Ideal Type

gfriend yerin

Yerin revealed that her ideal type is someone who is foolishly nice, and also has a pretty smile on his face. She shyly said that someone who looks like actor Lee Hyun Woo is definitely her ideal type. Yerin is also such a sweetheart, as she said that she will stay with her man when he’s tired. As for her ideal personality type, Yerin likes a man who is sensible, skillful, thoughtful, and also trustworthy.

2. GFriend Member Yuju’s Ideal type

gfriend yuju

Yuju has unique criteria for her ideal type. Yuju revealed that she doesn’t want someone who has a double eyelid. But just like Yerin, Yuju likes someone who is attractive when he smiles. She also likes someone who is good at finding a way because she thinks that kind of man is reliable. Yuju also likes someone who has a unique character, is cute (with aegyo), and of course understanding.

3. GFriend Member Umji’s Ideal Type

gfriend Umji

This GFriend member who has a couple of big eyes and an innocent smile revealed that her ideal type is someone who is loveable and cute. Not only that, she likes a man who is smart, but also wise. Just like Yuju, Umji also wants an understanding man, and of course someone who likes her for who she is.

4. GFriend Member SinB’s Ideal Type

gfriend sinb

As SinB is a singer, she likes someone who also has a nice voice. For her ideal type of appearance, just like other GFriend members, SinB likes man with a sweet smile. Not only concerned with his face, SinB cares about her ideal personality type, she likes man who is reliable and also stable. Someone with a caring and compassionate personality is SinB’s ideal type. SinB also revealed that she wants someone whose personality is close to hers. A man who looks cool outside, but is very warm inside is indeed her ideal type.

5. GFriend Member Eunha’s Ideal Type

GFriend Member Eunha’s ideal type is a man who is reliable. Eunha likes man who is resourceful as well as skillful. She also said that she likes a man who has a sense of humor and is funny. She also personally prefers man who has a good voice and is cute.

6. GFriend Member Sowon’s Ideal Type

gfriend sowon

The leader of GFriend also revealed her ideal type. Her role as the group’s leader perhaps impacts what she looks for in a man, and what she names as her ideal type. She mentioned that she prefers man who is family-oriented, a man who loves children. Sowon doesn’t talk about her ideal type’s appearance, but focuses more on his personality. She likes man who is courageous. Someone who she can feel comfortable with, someone who can be a good friend for her to talk to, someone who communicates well is definitely her ideal type. For Sowon, her ideal type is also a man who has a lot of common with her.

Male Idols Who Fits GFriend Members’ Ideal Types


As you now know GFriend members’ ideal types, we will also reveal Korean male idols that fit those ideal types. GFriend members’ were guests on “Tei’s Dreaming Radio” on July 12, 2016. While they were on the show, the topic of their ideal types were brought up on the program.

1. Idols that Suit GFriend Member Yuju’s Ideal Type

DJ Tei smartly asked about which male idols they adore. GFriend’s Yuju became the first member who gave her answer. But she jokingly said that DJ Tei was her ideal type.

2. Idols that Suit GFriend Member Umji’s Ideal Type

Umji, as the second member to answer, mentioned actor Cha Tae Hyun, while saying “He amazes me every time I watch his acting. He is also very caring, from what I’ve seen on variety shows.” Before, it was also known that she first met actor Cha Tae Hyun on the “2 Days & 1 Night” program. At that time, Cha Tae Hyun came to the waiting room, and Umji said that her heart pounded so fast. She even said that she would love to act with him, if age didn’t matter.

3. Idols that Suit GFriend Member Yerin’s Ideal Type

As mentioned above, GFriend’s Yerin likes a man with a sweet smile. Yerin chose actor Lee Hyun Woo. It has been no secret from the public that Yerin likes Lee Hyun Woo a lot. She once said “My ideal type? Other members already know it. I’m a fan of actor Lee Hyun-Woo. If I get a boyfriend? I’ll stay with him when he’s tired.”

4. Idols that Suit GFriend Member Sowon’s Ideal Type

After Yerin, Sowon also mentioned her ideal type. She chose “Cheese in the Trap” actor Park Hae Jin as the idol who matched her ideal type the most. When being asked about her ideal type before, Sowon picked a 186 cm tall male actor with a well-proportioned figure, but the name wasn’t revealed.

5. Idols that Suit GFriend Member SinB’s Ideal Type

While other group members chose male actors, GFriend’s SinB chose ZE:A’s Kwanghee as the male idol that most suited her ideal type, after thinking a long time. But in the past, SinB once mentioned that her ideal type was BigBang’s G-Dragon. After 5 members revealed their ideal types, Eunha chose to keep it a secret, which made everyone curious.

GFriend Member Who Are Involved in Dating Rumors

GFriend Member Yerin’s Dating Rumor

gfriend yerin

The fact that Yerin dated a man was revealed when she starred in MBC’s “Video Star”. When she was asked about her statement before, of not being interested in dating, everyone in the studio went crazy when Yerin said, “Dating? I’ve already tried everything in high school, so I don’t really have any desire to start dating.”  But Yerin then clarified by saying, “When I had a boyfriend, we’d go and discover new restaurants and watch movies together while still in our school uniforms. I think I’ve done everything couples of that age can do.” And as for now, Yerin isn’t dating anyone.

GFriend Member Sowon’s Dating Rumor

gfriend jin

GFriend’s Sowon has previously been involved in a rumor with that she was dating BTS member, Jin. The rumor was spread widely after the Melon Music Awards (MMA) in 2016. BTS members sat in front of GFriend members, and when the staff came to give them mineral water, Jin directly passed it to GFriend’s Sowon, instead of others.

GFriend Member Eunha’s Dating Rumor

gfriend eunha

On October 16, 2015, all GFriend fans were shocked because of two photos uploaded by Mad Ton’s Buffy along with GFriend’s Eunha on Mad Town’s official instagram account. What made the rumor fly were the captions that were included “date,” “lovestagram,” and “girlfriend.” Some people assumed that they were dating for real, but others also thought that it could just be the media trying to gain attention for their comebacks.

Let’s Find Out BTS’s Ideal Type in GFriend

bts gfriend

K-popers and netizens usually ship idols of boy and girl group that they think match the most, and who have collaborated before. GFriend members are often shipped with BTS members, and this happens even more after the rumors about BTS’s Jin dating GFriend’s Sowon as well as after they collaborated as new models for “Smart” school uniforms for the brand’s upcoming 2nd annual “Family Day Love” campaign. But for more detail about which GFriend member best suits each of BTS member’s ideals, check it out below!

No.BTS MemberBTS Members Ideal Type CriteriaGFriend Member
1.BTS’s JinSomeone who looks like a puppy (both in appearance and personality). He also likes a girl who can cook, and can take good care of him.Sowon and Yerin
2.BTS’s SugaSomeone who is similar to him, someone who likes music and is also wise.Yuju and Umji
3.BTS’s J-HopeSomeone who can take good care of him and other BTS members, who is good at cooking, and also likes reading books.SinB and Eunha
4.BTS’s JiminSomeone who is smaller than him, someone who has aegyo and a nice personality.Umji and Eunha
5.BTS’s VSomeone who only cares about him, someone who loves him, someone who is cute and has a lot of aegyo inside, someone who becomes more charming by the day.Eunha and Yerin
6.BTS’s JungkookSomeone who can be a very good wife, and has a good voice. Someone who is smaller than him in appearance, someone with pretty legs, and who is good at cooking.Yuju and Eunha
7.BTS’s Rap MonsterSomeone who is sexy, tall, feminine, and has pale skin. Someone who can converse with him for a long time.Sowon