The Collaboration Between GFriend and BTS


BTS and GFriend Collaboration

BTS and GFriend are both known as rising K-pop stars in the Korean music industry. And, it has been a habit of Korean fans to ship their idols with other idols. Just like how Super Junior was shipped with SNSD and BigBang was shipped with 2NE1, the same thing also happened to BTS and GFriend because of their previous collaboration.

BTS and GFriend Photoshoot for SMART

BTS and GFriend might have met each other on stage or at award shows before. But, their very first time working together is in a photoshoot for the school clothing brand SMART. Both BTS and GFriend also became the stars of SK Telecom’s commercial, but they were divided for different video ads. After the very first photoshoot, everyone is expecting them to work together on another project. It is also known that the CEOs of both BTS and GFriend’s agencies (Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music) are good friends.

Let’s Check Out GFriend and BTS’s Family Song

GFriend and BTS’s collaboration for a special campaign has been one of the most anticipated campaigns in 2016. It was a campaign for SMART school uniforms called Family Love Day Campaign. The purpose of the campaign itself was to bring families in Korea to spend at least one day together, which is Wednesday.

BTS and GFriend were then involved together in the music video for this campaign. BTS and GFriend’s “Family Song” gained much attention as it had a simple concept. Not only giving a glimpse into high school and family, BTS and GFriend’s members also taught an easy dance for viewers. Let’s watch the video of their collaboration below!

GFriend and BTS’s Best Couples

Which BTS and GFriend members do you ship? Here are some photos of BTS and GFriend members for you BTS and GFriend shippers. Check it out!