List of GFriend Albums and Songs


GFriend’s Album Collection

Just after making their debut in the Korean music industry at the beginning of 2015, GFriend instantly received criticism for being the try-hard, wannabe version of another well-known girl group, SNSD, because their debut track “Glass Bead” has similar characteristics to SNSD songs, such as the sound and choreography. This controversy made people think that the newly debuted girl band was just another unknown artist who would disappear in no time. However, GFriend continuously proves them wrong as they release solid albums which contain high-quality tracks, whether it be the promotional or sidetrack songs. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea have compiled some information regarding GFriend’s albums, starting from their first album list and continuing with all the lists of their albums. So keep reading!

GFriend’s First Album List

GFriend debuted with their first mini-album titled Season of Glass on January 15, 2015 with Source Music and KT Music. The album successfully peaked at #9 on the Gaon Weekly Album Chart, #38 on the Gaon Monthly Album Chart, and the sales of the album have reached over 18,655 copies in South Korea. Season of Glass has eight tracks, which are Intro (Season of Glass), Glass Bead, Neverland, White, and the instrumental version of Glass Bead. Here you may listen to the second track of Season of Glass, Glass Bead, which was written, composed, and arranged by Iggy and Seo. The digital downloads for this song have reached more than 1,025,731, earning its position at #25 on the Gaon Digital Chart!

GFriend made their second comeback in 2016 by releasing their first full album titled LOL on July 11, 2016 with Source Music and LOEN Entertainment. The album successfully topped the G-Music Taiwan Album Chart at #1, peaked at #3 on the Gaon Weekly Album Chart, earned #7 on the Billboard Weekly Album Chart, and #30 on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart. The sales of the album have reached more than 72,915 copies in South Korea and 3,088 copies in Japan. In addition to this, LOL was promoted in two countries, South Korea and Taiwan, on the showcase tour ‘The L.O.L Asia Showcase,’ and has twelve tracks. These are “Intro,” “Fall in Love,” “Navillera,” “LOL,” “Distance,” “Water Flower,” “Mermaid,” “Sunshine,” “Compas,” “Click,” “Gone with the Wind,” and the instrumental version of “Navillera.” Here you may listen to the third track of LOL, titled Navillera which was composed by Iggy and Seo Yongbae, and which the digital downloads have reached more than 1,195,154, giving it the#1 position on the Gaon Digital Chart and #12 on the Billboard Digital Chart!