List of GFriend Albums and Songs

GFriend’s Best Recommended B-Side Songs


Besides the list of GFriend’s albums from the earliest to the latest, Channel-Korea also includes GFriend’s best sidetracks that you have to listen to. The first song is titled “Neverland,” the third track on their first mini-album, Season of Glass. The song, composed by ZigZag Note and Kang Myeong-shin and written by Eden Beatz, starts with an electrical autotuned melody which will make you excited to start the day. The song itself is about a girl’s heart, which flutters whenever she sees the boy she loves, describing that every moment with the boy feels like she is in the Neverland, the imaginary faraway place created by the famous fiction writer, J. M. Barrie. Here you can listen to “Neverland” by GFriend!

The second song is titled “Under the Sky,” and is the third track on the second mini-album, Flower Bud. The song, which was composed by Iggy, Hong Beom-gyu, and Kim Woong, starts with the chorus accompanied by an electronic melody. The song tells a story about someone who does not give up on reaching their dream, welcoming whatever the future awaits for them, be it good or bad, because they know that they are able to overcome it. Here you may listen to “Under the Sky” by GFriend!

The third song is titled Say My Name, and is the third track on their third mini-album, Snowflake. The song is composed by Iggy and Seo, and starts with a typical 90s Kpop song melody which we found to be similar to BoA’s “Valenti.” The song itself tells about someone who is on the verge of giving up their love for someone. Even so, they think that they will reunite with their dear one. Here you can listen to Say My Name by GFriend!

The fourth song, titled Gone With The Wind, is the eleventh track of the first full album, LOL. The song, which is composed, arranged, and written by E.ONE, is GFriend’s first dubstep song and is mostly filled with the members’ autotuned voices and orchestra musical instruments, which makes the song a little overwhelming. It’s about someone who feels excited about the future that they may face, and leaving behind past memories. Here you can listen to “Gone With The Wind” by GFriend!

The fifth song is titled Hear the Wind Sing and is the first track off their fourth mini-album, The Awakening. The song was composed, arranged, and written by Megatone and Ferdy, and is another of GFriend’s dubstep side tracks, which is accompanied by the violin as its main musical instrument. The song tells about someone who is finally getting close to their loved one, expressing their wish to be together by holding hands. Here you may listen to “Hear the Wind Sing” by GFriend!

The sixth song is, titled AVE MARIA, is the third track off the fifth mini-album, Parallel. The song, which was composed, arranged, and written by Megatone and Ferdy, is another GFriend sidetrack song with a 90s vibe. We found it similar to a typical S.E.S song. It tells the story about someone’s wish to never be apart with their dear one, just like the promise that they have made. Here you may listen to AVE MARIA by GFriend!

The seventh song, Rainbow, is the fourth track from the first repackaged album, also called Rainbow. The song was composed by Fuxxy, Vincenzo, Any Masingga, and Anna Timgren and the lyrics were written by Mafly and Eunha’s English lyrics ‘Nothing is impossible’. The song itself tells about someone’s anxiety over the future that awaits them. Even so, they keep trying to brace themselves, just like the rainbow that appears after the rain falls down. Here you can listen to “Rainbow by GFriend!

GFriend’s Album Sales

After examining each album of GFriend, we can conclude that ever since their debut album Season of Glass, their album sales have increased consistently. The lowest record of GFriend’s album sales occurred after their first mini-album, Season of Glass, with more than 18,700 copies, whereas the highest record is Parallel with more than 103,600 copies sold. Besides South Korea, GFriend’s albums (such as Snowflake, LOL, The Awakening, and Parallel) have also been sold in Japan as well, proving their popularity in that area and initiating the group to make their debut there as well in 2018.