Get To Know the Visual of VERIVERY, Min-chan

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The Gorgeous Visual of VERIVERY: Min-chan

Hong Min-chan who is currently known as VERIVERY‘s Min-chan has gained a lot of attention, support, and love from fans. With a mixture of visuals and great vocals, Min-chan is definitely one of the “It Guys!” Let’s get to know more about VERIVERY’s Min-chan through the article down below!

VERIVERY’s Min-chan’s Profile

verivery minchan

Birth Name: Hong Min-chan (홍민찬)

Stage Name: Minchan (민찬)

Birth: Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea, Sept 16, 1998

Age: 22 years old

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Blood Type: A

Occupation: Singer, Dancer, Songwriter, Model, Composer

Position in VERIVERY: Visual of the Group, Lead Vocalist

Label: Jellyfish Entertainment

Years Active: 2019 – Present

Associated With: VERIVERY

VERIVERY’s Min-chan’s Interesting Facts

verivery min chan
  • Before his debut with VERIVERY, he was a trainee for 2 years and 6 months
  • Min-chan also participated in producing and writing lyrics for a bunch of VERIVERY songs which made him be called Producer Chan
  • He can play the guitar and piano
  • He can also speak Japanese and Chinese
  • Min-chan is the only child in his family
  • He graduated from Cheonan High School, Seongseong Middle School, and Oseong Elementary School
  • Min-chan loves to read Webtoons, play games, and make food
  • He was known for his cooking skills and he cooked for the other members often
  • His favorite foods are sashimi, meat, and sushi; he doesn’t like seafood soup and herbs
  • He loves cookies and cream ice cream
  • Min-chan has a fear of heights
  • He is sometimes known as a clumsy person
  • His MBTI type is INTP
  • Min-chan’s favorite artists are Yook Sung-jae and BTOB
  • Min-chan revealed that Yook Sung-jae is his ideal type
  • Min-chan’s favorite music genres are indie, pop, R&B, and soul

VERIVERY’s Min-chan’s Pre-Debut Appearance

verivery minchan

Min-chan has proven his charismatic aura since he was still young! During his high school period, Min-chan already looked gorgeous with his visual appearances and talent as well. With his other classmates, Min-chan made a dance performance for his high school event! As time went by, his talent increased even more which led him to finally debuting with the boy group VERIVERY!

It seemed like Min-chan was quite active in a dance club since he held a bunch of performances often, whether they were solo performances or group performances! He used to perform INFINITE‘s “Before the Dawn,” logo songs, and many more.

Later on, Min-chan joined the label Jellyfish Entertainment and became one of the trainees there. Previously, Min-chan and his friends used to visit Seoul to participate in singing competitions which led him to be scouted by six different entertainment agencies including Jellyfish Entertainment.

Along the way, he showed off his talents through a lot of activities such as dance cover appearances and his incredible talent as a director. Before VERIVERY’s official debut, they released a single entitled “Super Special” that came with a music video. Min-chan was the director of the “Super Special” DIY version of the video as well!

Let’s take a look on VERIVERY’s Min-chan’s pre-debut pictures:

verivery minchan
verivery minchan
verivery minchan

VERIVERY’s Min-chan’s Debut Era

verivery minchan

Min-chan was the first member to be revealed in VERIVERY! In the group, he is in charge as the visual and lead vocalist. No wonder, he definitely has a stunning visual with a mixture of amazing vocals as well! The group officially debuted on January 9, 2019, through the single “Ring Ring Ring” from the album Veri-Us.

Later on, Min-chan and other VERIVERY members made their debut stage on M! COUNTDOWN a day after “Ring Ring Ring” was released. From his debut era, Min-chan was introduced with the concept of having “too much talent” as well. Min-chan and other VERIVERY members also appeared with a vibrant and colorful concept during their debut stage for the “Ring Ring Ring” performance!

From a focus fancam from the premiere showcase of VERIVERY, Min-chan successfully gained a lot of attention! With his visual appearance and amazing vocals, he became one of the favorite K-pop group members as well!

VERIVERY’s Min-chan’s Solo Activity

verivery minchan

Currently, Min-chan is still focused on his schedule and activities with VERIVERY. Even though he hasn’t been involved with actual solo activities, Min-chan participated in the Extraordinary You official soundtrack in October 2019!

verivery my beauty

Min-chan sang the single entitled “My Beauty” which became the first track of Extraordinary You Album Part 2. He also performed the single with other VERIVERY members such as Yeonho and Gyehyeon as well. You can listen to the single here:

VERIVERY’s Min-chan’s Discography

verivery minchan

VERIVERY’s Min-chan’s individual discography:

OST Appearances

  • My Beauty [Extraordinary You OST] with Yeonho & Gyehyeon

Song Credits

  • “F.I.L” [VERI-US album] for the lyrics and music (2019)
  • “Alright” [VERI-US album] for the lyrics (2019)
  • “All I Do” [VERI-ABLE album] for the music (2019)
  • “Get Ready” [VERI-ABLE album] for the lyrics (2019)
  • “Paradise” [Face Me album] for the lyrics and music (2020)

That’s a wrap for this article about VERIVERY’s Min-chan! Even though he just made his debut in early 2019, Min-chan has proven his amazing performance as a K-pop idol through his amazing skills. Let’s always support Min-chan and look forward to his career in the future!