Get To Know Rapper Gaeko: Profile, Debut as Dynamic Duo, Love Life Story and More

Meet The Famous Rapper and Member of The Dynamic Duo – Gaeko

Gaeko is a famous Korean rapper, he together with another rapper, Choiza, formed a hip-hop group called Dynamic Duo. Dynamic Duo’s first album was incredibly successful and was recorded as the best selling Korean hip-hop album. Gaeko is known for his calm and simple persona. His fashion style is simple and stylish, far from the luxurious and extravagant rapper style. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed rundown of everything about rapper Gaeko. So stay tuned!

Full Profile and Facts

Name: Kim Yoon-sung

Stage name: Gaeko

Date of Birth: January 14th, 1981

Place of Birth: Seoul, Korea

Education: Hongik University majoring Commercial Design

Hobby: fishing

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Management: Amoeba Culture

Zodiac: Capricorn

Chinese Zodiac: The Year of Monkey

Instagram: gaekogeem

Twitter: gaekogeem



  • Gaeko has two children from his marriage with his wife.
  • His wife’s Instagram has more followers than his Instagram account.
  • He got married in the middle of his military service. He returned to base after the wedding ceremony.
  • Gaeko, Chioza, and Curbin formed a hip-hop group CB Mass and debuted in 2000. The group disbanded in 2003.
  • Gaeko and Choiza are childhood friends who met in the sixth grade.

Debut as a Member of a Rapper Duo, Dynamic Duo

Gaeko and Choiza began their music career with underground hip-hop group Kod in 1998. The duo met another rapper, Curbin, and formed a hip-hop group called CB Mass. CB mass debuted in 2000 with their first album, Massmediah. In total, CB Mass produced three music albums. CB Mass disbanded in 2003 after a dispute between Gaeko, Choiza, and Curbin. Their dispute became publicly known and Gaeko revealed the reason for the break-up through his rap lyrics in Dynamic Duo’s first album. He said that the third member became too greedy and interested more in money than in music.

Dynamic Duo gained fame with their debut album, Taxi Driver. The album is recorded as the best selling Korean hip-hop music album. Dynamic Duo set up their label record, Amoeba Culture in 2006.

Gaeko released his solo music album titled Redingray on October 16th, 2014. The album sold 3.170 copies and reached a peak chart position at Number 11.

Gaeko and Kim Soo-mi’s Love Story

On June 7th, 2018, Gaeko joined tvN’s Life Bar as one of the guests. The program’s host asked Gaeko about his wife, Kim Soo Mi, and how they knew each other. He said that he met her while she was working part time in Korea. A close friend introduced her to Gaeko and he instantly fell for her. Kim Soo Mi was studying in the US and temporarily returned to Korea to look for a job. She planned to return to the US after two months to finish her studies. After meeting him, she extended her stay for over two years and registered a temporary break from her studies. Kim Soo Mi was majoring in Account Financing in America.


During an interview for a famous Korean talk show, Radiostar, Gaeko revealed the method he used to approach her, his then-girlfriend Kim Soo Mi. At the time, Kim Soo Mi was living alone, so he brought daily necessities and food items such as rice and ham to Kim Soo Mi’s house. However, she didn’t allow him to go into her house, so he delivered the things only to her front door. One time, he brought frozen dumplings for her and finally she allowed Gaeko to enter her house.

While serving at the military, Gaeko got a phone call from his then-girlfriend, Kim Soo-mi, saying that she was pregnant with their baby. Knowing that his reaction was very important to her, he immediately said that they should get married and take care of the baby. Gaeko phoned her father and apologized for their mistake. The phone call lasted over one hour and her father cried upon knowing the news. He convinced her father that he will marry her and take good care of her. He got married while in his military service period.

Regarding his wife’s beautiful visual, Gaeko confessed that people use him as an excuse to take photos with his beautiful wife.

Married Life and Family

Gaeko married his girlfriend, Kim Soo Mi, after dating her for 5 years on May 14th, 2011, in Seoul.

Kim Rhythm, Gaeko’s son was born on September 28th, 2011. His official agency stated that Gaeko has welcomed a healthy baby boy at 4 p.m. The baby boy and mother were in good condition. The baby boy was born 5 months after their wedding which was held at the Marriott Hotel in Seoul.

Two weeks after delivery, Rhythm’s picture was revealed to the public through his wife’s Twitter account. Gaeko’s son has big eyes and a high nose. His wife said that after two weeks of drinking the mother’s milk, Rhythm looked very adorable. His Dynamic Duo partner, Choiza commented that Rhythm is so handsome; he would become a movie star in the future. Gaeko welcomed his second child, a girl, in 2015.

Kim Soo Mi is well known for her beautiful visual appearance. She gained attention for her Instagram posts and has over 350.000 followers, more than her husband, Gaeko. During Dynamic Duo’s holiday, with each respective partner, in Bali, she posted pictures of her in a bikini. She also frequently published posts about beauty and make-up. Apparently, she is supported by one of the Korean cosmetics brands, Euyira.

On September 23rd, 2019, she posted a short live broadcast video with her husband Gaeko. During live view, Gaeko approached her from behind after returning from dinner. She smelled food from Gaeko’s breath and became uncomfortable. Ignoring her, Gaeko kept talking and releasing much more foul smell from his mouth. The post was very funny and was viewed over 220.000 times by her followers.


Studio albums

Title Album details Peak chart positions
  • Release Date: October 16th, 2014
  • Label: Amoeba Culture
  • Format: CD, digital download




Title Year Peak chart positions Album
” Good (AIR)”
with Choiza, Simon Dominic, Primary



Non-album singles

“Rhythm Is Life (Feeling So Good)”



“No Make-Up”
feat. Zion.T, Ha:tfelt






with Yankie, feat. Beenzino, Babylon



Non-album single

“Empty City”
with Yoon Jong-shin


Yoon Jong-shin Monthly Project: July

“Your Night”
with Hwang Kwanghee feat. Oh Hyuk


Infinite Challenge Great Legacy

feat. Rap Monsta



Non-album singles

feat. SOLE




Soundtrack Appearances

Title Year Album
“Send Me Your Pictures”


Entertainer OST