Get To Know Multicultural Female Group, Z Girls: Profile, Concert, Activity, and More

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The Z Girls and their brother group, Z Boys, currently have many deadlines and are building an international fan base. They faces difficulties in gaining support from Korean music shows, even though their groups get a lot of attention. Since no one in the groups is Korean, no Korean music shows are welcoming them.

The Z Pop Dream Project is actually already using English songs to break out on a global scale, but still no chance yet in South Korea. During an interview with the Korean JoongAng Daily, producer Jun Kang, who founded the Z Pop Dream Project, stated that the groups “really want to appear on Korean TV music programs, but the barriers for entry are too high“. He continued, “I’ve been working in the industry for 30 years and have many connections, but music shows tell us that they want K-pop and Korean songs and that our groups don’t fit in.

The shocking news also came from Z-Girls. One of their members, Joanne (Wang Nai Xuan) announced her departure from the group on June 5, 2020.

This news was delivered directly by Divtone Entertainment, as the Z-Girls agency. According to them, Joanne’s resignation considers health reasons, and thus she must accept the doctor’s advice. Joanne was chosen as the winner of the Taiwan Z-POP Dream and became a member of Z-Girls. Her debut began in February 2019.

“We enjoyed our time with Joanne and we were sad because of the news. On behalf of Z-Stars and everyone at Divtone Entertainment, we send our good wishes for her recovery and she will be missed by all of us,” said Norimitsu Kameshima, CEO and Founder of Divtone Entertainment.

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